All this time, I was wrong about Stew Leonard’s

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All this time, I was wrong about Stew Leonard’s. For years, I thought it was a high priced, and out of our family’s budget. I was so wrong! It’s priced like most grocery stores my husband shops at, yet the quality of the meats, cheeses, seafood, and pretty much everything they sell, is high quality.

All this time, I was wrong about Stew Leonard’s [sponsored]

All this time, I was wrong about Stew Leonard’s

Stew Leonard’s stores are fairly new to Long Island, and the New York area. The brand started in Connecticut, and I remember the commercials on the radio. The distinctive voice of Stew Leonard’s would come on in the car when I was younger, and well into my twenties, and thirties. I always thought it was Stew Sr., however, I recently found out, the voice I’d been hearing all these years had been Stew Jr.’s voice!

Once Stew Leonard’s came to New York, it still wasn’t close enough to consider going to on a regular basis….and then it came to Suffolk County, Long Island. Just down the street from where Mr. Sunflower works. Yet, we still didn’t go into the store. Why? Well, honestly, I thought it was another overpriced specialty place. I figured it wouldn’t fit into our budget, so we stayed far away from the store.

Turns out, all this time, I was wrong about Stew Leonard’s. I figure, if I thought the prices were too high, others must think the same thing, right? Long Island, I’m here to let you all know, shopping at Stew Leonard’s won’t hurt your budget. They, too, have great sales! You can use coupons at Stew’s. Plus, the quality of the products they sell, are superior to most local grocery chains. Don’t believe me? Head to the store in Farmingdale to sample the different produce, breads, cheeses, and a variety of other items, the store employees allow you to open and eat in the store.

Prices are on par with other grocery stores

When I returned home after a visit at the store, I showed Mr. Sunflower all the photos of the prices of their meats, seafood, cheese, dairy, and basically whatever I could snap a photo of. He was shocked to see how all the prices at Stew Leonard’s was on par with other grocery stores. Even produce is priced well, and in some cases, better than many other stores. I mean, at most stores Cotton Candy Grapes were priced at $4.99 per pound, but at Stew’s, they were $3.49 per pound. SCORE!!!!

Stew Leonard's Cotton Candy Grapes

In all seriousness, I couldn’t have been more wrong about Stew Leonard’s. I’m not sure why I thought they were going to be high priced, to be honest. There’s no reason to have thought Stew’s would be some budget blasting phenomenon. I did expect the quality of the food sold at the store to be very high, and that part I was right about. Meats are butchered by a trusted team of butchers in the store; seafood is handled by an amazing team; fresh mozzarella is made by hands trained by the best; and the food in the buffets are all made on-site in Stew’s kitchens.

All that pales in comparison to the bakery at Stew’s in Farmingdale. Lord, give me strength. The bread made me weak in the knees, and my son, the bread connoisseur sampled the french bread. He asks for it every day, wondering why Daddy doesn’t come home with it every night when he returns home from work!

Daddy, the store is right down the street from where you work, you should bring that bread home every night!

Stew Leonard's bakery bread

All I can do is nod in agreement! The kid knows his bread, and he’s spot on with Stew Leonard’s bakery department. Those bakers start baking at ‘dark thirty’ in the morning, and are there baking up a storm throughout the day. Cookies, cakes, breads – oh my!

Stew Leonard's Fresh Foods [sponsored]

Stew Leonard’s stores need to come further out to Eastern Long Island

All I can say is this: Stew Leonard’s sells high quality food, with prices on par with all other stores you’d shop at. The fresh veggies, and fruit, last longer than the products purchased at many of the stores Mr. Sunflower shops at, too. The fresh made dips, like guacamole and salsa, taste fresh and vibrant. If you want quality butcher shop meat, Stew won’t let you down.

The only downer about Stew’s? The most Eastern store location is in Farmingdale. We need more further East, Mr. Leonard! There’s plenty of empty stores closer to where I live, that’s for sure. Come, take over one of those abandoned stores, and bring life back to our communities! Please!

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  1. Harmony momma to go September 8, 2016 at 8:05 am

    I like the occasional trip to stews but find I can’t get everything there?!?? They are coming to east meadow next year

    • Staci Gerardi September 8, 2016 at 12:27 pm

      Mr. Sunflower shops at a variety of stores, so I’m not sure what can’t be found there. Meats, breads, produce, and cheeses are the reasons we head there.

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