Transform shortbread cookies into a pie crust for any pie

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Transform shortbread cookies into a pie crust for any pie? I know what you’re thinking, Staci has lost her mind. She’s BAKING? It’s impossible. Folks, I’m serious. I love these dang Walkers Shortbread Fingers so much, I’ve decided to reach outside my comfort zone. It’s time to bake.

Transform shortbread cookies into a pie crust for any pie

I promise I didn’t lost my mind, I promise

Back in the day, I used to bake. Not just bake, but baked FROM SCRATCH. I baked meringue cookies with chocolate kisses in the middle. Peanut Butter cookies, sugar cookies, and a few other specialties. It stemmed from taking Home Economics in high school. Recipes were provided, and I can follow directions fairly well. Winging it is where things go pear shaped. It’s when I singe my nose hairs, and the smoke detectors sing to me with a piercing mating call.

Baking? Baking was easy to do, as long as I had all the right measurements. When I received my most recent goodies from Walkers Shortbread’s Shortbread Society, I emailed Mr. Sunflower to let him know we’d not only be baking, but we’d be doing some camera work. He didn’t miss a beat, and questioned nothing. He’s used to my hair brained plans.

I told him we’re going to transform shortbread cookies into a pie crust for chocolate cream pie, or banana cream pie. He responded “you can make any pie with shortbread cookies and it would be good.” Genius. We’re both bonafide geniuses.

Transform shortbread cookies into a pie crust for any pie

All one needs for a shortbread cookies crust is shortbread cookies, butter, sugar and a pie pan. Ohhhhh, yeah…. it helps if someone does the filling correctly. I’m taking the blame on that one, even if someone else made the filling. Apparently, I didn’t put it in the fridge fast enough for it to set properly.

It’s all good, though. Mama Sunflower is mad creative…. watch until the end. It’s a good one. Enjoy the video! It’s our first attempt at doing one of these, so be kind!

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