Treating skin well starts with photorejuvenation IPL

In order to facilitate this review series, Elyse S. Rafal, M.D., P.C., & her staff at Center for Aesthetic Dermatology & Laser Surgery, provided me with services at no cost. All opinions are 100 percent my own.

Treating skin well starts with photorejuventaion IPL. If you haven’t seen what I’ve been doing the last couple of months, you’ll want to check it out. It’s been a blessing to finally have a way to reduce my brown spots, and improve the quality of my skin! Redness has gone down, too.

Treating skin well starts with photorejuvenation IPL

Treating skin well starts with photorejuvenation IPL

If you know me, you know I’m a total skeptic. I never trust things will work, because I’ve been duped before. When IPL was introduced to me months ago, I was beyond skeptical about this crazy Intense Pulsed Light Laser nonsense. However, I’m also open-minded, and let’s face it, DESPERATE to get the brown spot from hell off of my face. I’d tried products that promised to fade it, along with home remedies I found on Pinterest, and with Google searches.

Lots of cash was blown on these products, and home remedies. I’d sort of just given up, and looked in the mirror even less than I did before the final product failed me. Dr. Rafal and Nurse Lauren insisted I give this new treatment a try, and I shrugged and said “Why not? What do I’ve to lose at this point, right? Let’s do it.”

I’m so thankful I said yes. After another session, this brown spot is beyond faded and fingers crossed, perhaps one more treatment will finally rid me of it COMPLETELY. I won’t avoid photos as much, or angle myself so I’m facing the camera with my right side, instead of my left side. It’s a silly thing to be so upset by, but it’s always been something I’ve had an issue with. When it showed up in my late twenties, I could put some tinted moisturizer on it to hide it. Once I got to my mid-thirties, it was far too dark for anything to cover it.

NOW? At the age of 40, after just a few Intense Pulsed Light laser treatments, it’s almost GONE. So grateful to Dr. Rafal and her amazing nurse, Lauren.

Don’t waste money on over-the-counter products

If you’re struggling with brown spots, or age spots, or sun spots – whatever you wish to call them, stop wasting your money on over-the-counter treatments. I wasted my time, and lots of money, on treatments “promising” to reduce the spots on my face. NONE of them did anything. Just money down the drain. Instead, invest in a great dermatologist like Dr. Rafal. Get an expert on the case, and LISTEN and TRUST Dr. Rafal. I’ve seen MANY dermatologists over the years, and none of them have been as knowledgable, or HONEST as Dr. Rafal.

If you’re on Long Island, or close to Long Island, she’s worth the trip. Generous with her knowledge, and her expertise. I recommend very few people in this world, but Dr. Rafal and her staff of nurses are outstanding. Glad she’s on Long Island!

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