Useful health and fitness gifts for your loved ones

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We all have loved ones embracing the health and fitness lifestyle. However, what kinds of gifts can one get for said loved ones? I’ve rounded up useful health and fitness gifts perfect for the upcoming gift-giving season!

Useful health and fitness gifts for your loved ones

Useful health and fitness gifts for the gift-giving season


If you haven’t heard of Grokker, you’re missing out. It’s full of amazing videos for all aspects of living a healthier lifestyle. There’s videos for:

It’s the one-stop shop for anyone interested in, or heavily involved, in living a healthier lifestyle. It’s a fantastic investment at $14.99 per month, and a completely budget-friendly gift to give to someone you love. Definitely check it out, here’s my affiliate link to use: Reduce Stress, Sleep More Soundly, And Lead A More Successful Life With Guided Meditation Videos at Grokker.com!


Sleep. It’s one of the things people forget is an important aspect of living a healthy life. Unfortunately, sleep has become something people give up in order to pursue their, IRONICALLY ENOUGH, dream. Others can’t sleep because their minds are always going. Whilst others don’t have the proper pillow for slumbering.

Be the friend to solve the pillow problem. A chiropractor designed a pillow perfect for those who sleep on their sides, and back. It’s ONE PILLOW to cover it all. No need to have 2 pillows under your head to try and get comfortable. Just one pillow, and you’re covered, regardless of your favorite sleeping position!

What’s the pillow? SpineAlign. You can find it, and purchase it using my affiliate link: SpineAlign


Unique is an understatement for TeloYears! If you’re not familiar with what a telomere is, let me break it down in non-science terms: it’s the piece of your DNA that sits on the ends of your chromosomes. Think of them like the “flugelbinders” on the ends of shoelaces (the little plastic piece) keeping the lace from fraying. Telomeres keep your DNA tight, and intact. However, lots of things can damage them.

  • stress
  • lack of exercise (but don’t overdo it, because that stresses out the telomeres and causes them to shorten)
  • low-level of antioxidants

What’s the big deal if your telomeres are shorter? Or “frayed?” Well, it ages you faster. You’re more likely to become sick, and not just a cough, but much grander illnesses. The good news is, once you know what your body is doing, you can either continue your lifestyle, or change it to improve your telomere health. The first step? Getting tested. If you’ve got someone in your life working hard to maintain a health lifestyle, she probably wants to make sure it’s helping her, and not hurting her.

TeloYears is a useful gift, and unique as all get-out. Check it out, and buy it for someone you love. I happen to have an affiliate link to make life easier for you: TeloYears + TeloCoaching

Bulu Box

Clutter. I’m slowly removing it, room-by-room, at my house. Many others have chosen to do the same. It helps with mental health, and that’s important for anyone attempting to live a healthier lifestyle. Fitness. Mental health. It all goes together. What else to health and fitness friends need in life? FOOD. Edibles as gifts solves many issues for receivers of gifts.

  • No clutter, as the delicious snacks are eaten quickly, and hardly have time to become clutter.
  • Healthy snacks are perfect for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Huge time saver, which results in less stress, if you’re supplied with healthy snack options.

A subscription to Bulu Box is both unique, as well as useful, for the health and fitness lifestylers on your holiday list. It delivers healthy snack options to your door. Who doesn’t want goodies showing up at the door? No need to run to the store!

Consider checking Bulu Box out. Here’s my affiliate link to get you started on unique gift-giving journey for the holidays: Bulu Box

PS-There’s plenty of other goodies offered with Bulu Box, such as supplements, and things geared towards stress relief and improved sleep. It’s not just healthy snacks anymore!

Paleo Plan

More than likely, you’ve a Paleo lovers on your holiday list. Even more so, you probably have someone who talks about going Paleo, but doesn’t know how to start. Well, be their hero for the holidays. Sign them up with Paleo Plan. It’s filled with meal plans, as well as workouts and a ton of information, including over 450+ recipes.

Purchase a monthly plan for someone on your list; perhaps a 6-month subscription; or go for the whole hog and get them the 12-month subscription. They’ll love you for it! And yes, just like everything else on my list, I’ve got an affiliate link you can use to check out Paleo Plan, and purchase it for your loved ones: PaleoPlan


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