Will Bedgear have what it takes to improve my sleep?

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Will Bedgear improve my sleep?Will Thunder 1.0 have what it takes? Who knows if it does, but I’m willing to give it a shot! I’m a bit desperate! Lack of sleep is the norm in my life. Sure, you’re thinking I’m going to blame my kids. Surprisingly, they’ve both been great sleepers for most of their lives. I don’t lay awake listening to everything these days. The kids are older, and we have an alarm system in our house. Unfortunately, it’s Mr. Sunflower’s snoring that keeps me awake almost every night. A fact lost on him? It’s damaging to my health. No matter how many times I ask him to go and get this fixed, he doesn’t. Will my new Bedgear pillow help me? Let’s find out.

Will Bedgear improve my sleep?

Will Bedgear improve my sleep?

My plan is to use the pillow for my own sleeping arrangements. Basically, when I kick the husband out of our room to sleep on the couch, I’ll be sleeping on my new pillow on our bed. After taking the survey on the Bedgear.com website, it told me my Pillow ID was Thunder 1.0. Apparently, Thunder 1.0 will be the perfect fit for how I sleep. Fingers crossed this thing knows what it’s doing!

The questions were rather simple, so I’m fairly certain it’s not as customized as one would hope it could be. The pillow does have a really sweet inside.

Bedgear Thunder 1.0 Pillow #bedgear #thunder #sleepbetter

Adjusting to Bedgear

My first couple of nights, I have to admit, it’s hard to get adjusted to sleeping with just the one pillow. I haven’t slept with less than three pillows in 15 years. Which is why I find it odd this pillow was chosen for me through the Pillow ID quiz I took. The pillow is more for people who sleep on their stomach, and I never sleep on my stomach. I didn’t even answer yes to that question. Perhaps the fact that it is also for smaller body types is what fit me to Thunder 1.0. I know I seem larger than life, but honestly, I’m barely 5′ 3″. Sad, but true.

Bedgar Thunder 1.0 stomach sleeper #healthy #improvesleep [sp]

I feel out of sorts. However, I’m giving it a solid try. The worst that can happen? It doesn’t work, and Mr. Sunflower tries it out to stop his snoring. Come to think of it, it would increase the amount of sleep I get, and thus the pillow works in some way for me. Time will tell.

First impressions of my new Bedgear Thunder 1.0

What I can say about the pillow in the couple of days I’ve been using it, is it stays cool all night long, and I don’t have to do the pillow flip in the middle of the night. Score one for Thunder 1.0! Let’s hope we score more points. Keep your fingers crossed for me, everyone. Mama Sunflower needs to get her sleep on, or I may lose my mind. My children will need therapy well into their adult years, and my husband may find himself sleeping in a tent outside so he can keep the neighborhood up, instead of me!

Oh, dear Bedgear Thunder 1.0, let’s make our adventure together a successful one! Here’s to good health that starts with a great night’s sleep. Check back in the new year to see how my progress is on my sleep journey with Bedgear.


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