2013 Holiday Guide from November Sunflower

Disclosure: My holiday guide is NOT sponsored. I am not compensated with money for any of the products you see in this guide. All of these products are ones I truly love. There are some that I received at no cost in order to review the item, and there are a few links within the guide that are referral links, or affiliate links. I review so many products all through the year, and MANY do NOT end up in my guide. Truly, these items are my top picks and my opinions are always 100% my own.

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It’s that time of the year again: SHOPPING for the HOLIDAYS!!!! Throughout the year I ear mark great items I know will be perfect for the holidays, plus tons of amazing toys. Now, I don’t always go with the trends, and I’m not always going to give you what everyone else gives you in their holiday guides. I’m not that kind of lady. I also do my holiday guide a little differently. It’s more like a catalog, and within the catalog, there are links to my reviews of products, as well as links that will bring you to the online stores that provide least expensive prices for the items. So, without further ado, here is the 2013 Holiday Guide from November Sunflower.

Just to let you know, I do this entire guide all on my own. It’s a labor of love. I receive absolutely no monetary compensation for putting it together, or including products within the guide. No one sponsors the guide. If I like a product, it goes in. If I don’t like a product, it doesn’t go in. If I haven’t had experience with an item, it doesn’t go into the guide. I may not have written reviews on all of the products, or own all of the products, but I have used them and had experience with each item in this guide.

November Sunflower doesn’t play around! I especially don’t play around with anyone’s hard-earned money!


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