7 Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers This Season

Coming up with great gift ideas is rarely an easy task, whether we’re talking about birthday gifts for best friends, anniversary presents for partners, or Christmas presents for cousins. However, if you happen to have wine lovers in your friend circle, finding the perfect present for them couldn’t be easier – just don’t go buying them cheap wine at a supermarket next to their home!

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7 Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers This Season

Instead, take a look at a few unique and thoughtful gift ideas from Savage vines Wine Club that your favourite wine connoisseur will fall in love with.

A bottle of sparkling Crémant

If you’re like most people, you likely go for a random, middle-of-the-line bottle of wine available at any shop across the UK every time you need to buy a gift for your wine lover (fret not, we’ve all been guilty of this). While that could be an acceptable present for an acquaintance, if you want to genuinely bring a smile to your close friend’s face, get them a sparkling Crémant.

First of all – Crémant is an affordable sparkling wine that won’t break your bank. Second of all – it’s a delicious, authentic concoction of some of France’s best grapes.

Like champagne, its secondary fermentation occurs within the bottle, allowing every sip to become richer and creamier. Champagne taste at a fraction of the price. This is a win for the gift-giver and the gift recipient.

A wine subscription

Every wine connoisseur would love nothing more than to have delicious and unique wines arrive at their doorstep every time they fancy a glass to drink with their supper. So, there could be no better gift for your amateur sommelier than a reliable wine subscription.

The cost would depend on the type of service you choose and the number of monthly bottles you’d like to give your friend. Most wine subscription services let you select the membership level, delivery frequency, and the number of bottles per delivery. Some will even come with a short palette test that your friend can take that allows the company to recognize their taste preferences and send bottles curated just for them.

A wine tasting game

Why not make your gift into a fun little game for your wine lover? A wine tasting game can be fun and educational, helping your friend turn from a simple wine lover to a true sommelier.

Most wine tasting games are simple board games with playing cards, dice, pawns, and educational question cards – you can order a ready-made game off of Amazon or even let your creative spirit run wild and create one yourself.

A stylish wine decanter

Although many people today prefer to pour wine directly from the bottle, a high-quality decanter is often a much better choice. Transferring wine into a decanter offers countless benefits that will elevate the drinking experience.

It allows the wine to breathe and interact with the oxygen in the air, which provides a much smoother flavor profile, waking up the deeply hidden aromas. Moreover, it’s the perfect solution for getting rid of sediment that can accumulate at the bottom of an older bottle.
Decanters come in an array of shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one that fits your wine lover’s aesthetics.

A wine caddy

A wine caddy is ideal for that wine connoisseur who likes beautiful and practical things. Traditionally, wine caddies will hold a single bottle of wine and two glasses, but that’s not the only variety. You can easily find wine caddies for two bottles and two glasses, one bottle and four glasses, a bottle and six glasses. They can be made from wood, metal, even resin. They come in so many different varieties, so you can ensure that the gift is ideally suited to your recipient’s tastes and needs.

A personalized cheese board

What pairs better with wine than cheese? If your friend is a wine lover, in all likelihood, they’re a cheese lover as well, so gifting them a personalized cheese board could be just the thing for any occasion. You won’t have to worry about selecting the right wine from the right year or finding that one specific bottle that your friend once mentioned. A cheese board is a simple, practical gift that doesn’t require much thought but still present them with a truly thoughtful gift – especially when you add a nice touch like a personalized note or custom engraving.

A wine aroma kit

Finally, if you want them to remember your gift forever, a nice little wine aroma kit could be just the thing you need. Wine aroma kits come with a small sampling of dozens of unique wines, allowing your wine connoisseur to expand their palette and find out more about the best wines for them. Many kits will also come with the complete list of aromas and flavors for each wine sample, giving your friend a chance to learn how to recognize different wines.

Final thoughts

Finding the perfect present for a wine lover in your life doesn’t have to be a challenge. Give any of the ideas listed here a try, and see for yourself just how appreciated your gift will be.

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