Comfy & Cozy Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

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Anyone living in colder climates knows the importance of feeling cozy and comfortable throughout the winter, am I right? Sure, as of late, we’ve had fairly mild winters leading up to the end of the year holidays, but once the new year starts, those bone-chilling temps set in. When putting your holiday gift buying lists together, make no mistake about it, people want the comfy and cozy holiday gifts! And we’ll reach for all those them over-and-over again.

There’s not one person on your holiday shopping list that will say “ew, this is too warm and comfortable, and makes me feel loved, get it away from me”. Seriously, when you match the right presents to each person on your holiday list, the receivers will smile bigger and will tell everyone about the best gift they got this year.

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Comfy & Cozy Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Even when your loved ones already have tons of blankets, or sweatshirts, or the softest slipper socks piled high – they want more of that stuff. Trust me, no one can ever have enough cozy goodies. We love them, use all of them, and forever want more. However, we won’t buy any of them for ourselves, because we’re all too busy trying to pay our bills and we can’t justify another hot chocolate set or ultra comfortable pajamas.

So, give your loved ones these kinds of gifts. They will be forever grateful, and feel seen and loved.

Thumb United Sweatshirt

I’m guilty of owning tons of sweatshirts. I hate bulky winter coats, so I tend to wear layers when going about my daily routine. When you go run from a warm house to the car, a bulky winter coat isn’t necessary, especially when you have the right sweatshirt. Since I don’t carry a pocketbook or bag of any kind, I like clothing with pockets. Lots of pockets.

I’m a huge fan of Thumb United sweatshirts, specifically The Stacy Fleece and the Camouflage Hoodies, because they tick all my boxes:

  • tons of pockets (and the exterior ones are deep enough for my stuff)
  • comfy and cozy
  • two-way zippers
  • thumbholes in the cuffs
  • drawstring hoods

The colors are limited, but if you stick with black you can use these with any outfit. And there’s a grey option for both styles, which are great for Spring, as the lighter colors don’t absorb the sun’s rays as much.


When you go outside in the cold, warm hands are important. What’s even more important? Making sure your hands are comfortable and cozy, not just warm. It also helps when you can pull the warm and coziness back so your fingers are free to text like a rockstar! I’m also a big fan of having a good grip when holding things, since I have major hand issues. My fingers don’t grip things as well as I used to, especially in the cold temperatures. So gloves with gripping action in the palms of them makes me happy, and Smartwool gloves create the perfect experience!

Beanie Hat

Cold temperatures require not just warm gloves to keep your hands warm, but also comfy cozy hats to keep all that heat from escaping your head. But your beanie has to be comfortable, not just warm. Plus it has to look pretty, be easy to clean, and personally I enjoy when my purchases are made in the USA. I love keeping money within the country I live and love.

There’s an amazing selection of beanies at Love Your Melon, I just happen to love this blue one. The blue is crazy pretty, and it looks great with the charcoal grey. And if you love a pom on your beanie, there’s plenty to choose from (and they are totally removable).


We always hated seeing these under the tree, or in our stockings when we were growing up. Now? We squeal with joy opening socks, underwear, and other boring but necessary items! Inflation does that to a generation!

If I’m being honest, I hate wearing shoes. I spend much of my life barefoot, so when winter rolls up on me, and I’m forced to wear closed toe shoes, I want comfy socks. However, I need the socks to not cause overheating. Who wants foot sweat, right? I find Bombas give a nice foot feel, keep my feet warm and cozy, but they don’t make me sweat! But if you like heavier socks, they have those, too. Plus, when you buy a pair of socks, or underwear, or a Tshirt, they donate the same to their giving partners around the country. LOVE IT.


Listen, if I have to wear something on my feet throughout the winter so I don’t freeze walking on my hardwood and tiled floors, I want my slippers soft and cozy. More often than not, I don’t wear slippers. I seriously hate wearing things on my feet. I’ve always been this way, and it has gotten worse as I have aged. On the rare occasions I have to throw something on my feet to walk around my house, or a hotel room, or someone else’s house – I want slippers that feel like I’m not wearing slippers. Just me, walking on clouds.

The go-to brand? Warmies.


Pajamas have to be comfortable, but also need to keep you cool as you sleep! And I don’t know if you know this, but bamboo is a fast-growing renewable resource. When you buy bamboo products, you’re actually helping save the planet. Another bonus: bamboo stays cleaner longer, so you can wash your PJs less often than a regular pair of cotton pajamas! It’s a win-win, right?

Finding the right comfy cozy bamboo pajamas/loungewear can be a bit difficult, but for me, I love the comfy feel and color of Cosy House Collection’s Navy PJs/Loungewear.


Let me say I’m not a huge fan of the whole Kardashian family. They freak me out, but I do enjoy Skims, which was created by one of the Kardashians. It is what it is, and the extreme comfort the Cozy Knit joggers provide far exceeds my distaste for the attention loving family. They have pockets with zippers, so yay. The down side? They’re supposed to be hand washed. I don’t do that, I just use gentle cycle on my washing machine. Is it right? Probably not, but I’m not hand washing anything.

If you want to travel around town in comfort as you do your daily activities, these will definitely take the edge off of your grumpiness at having to leave the house to transport your kids from one activity to another!

Bath Soak

After a long day, people enjoy soaking in the bathtub. Personally, I’m not one of them. However, I’ve heard great things about Osea Gigartina Therapy Bath. Something people don’t know is you can also use this if you don’t have a bath! Just mix it with water and apply it to your skin before a shower. Either way you use it, your skin ends up hydrated and soft…. and it has a pretty nice scent. Definitely gives that cozy feeling, then put your favorite Cosy House PJs from earlier in this list for the ultimate comfort experience.

Shower Steamers Aromatherapy

Want to turn your shower into an aromatherapy experience? Really maximize your zen and create a cozy feeling with shower steamers aromatherapy. They have tons of different scents depending on what you need to heal from. Slap on some Osea Gigartina and step into your shower steamer aromatherapy experience to create ultimate comfort.

Cusa Tea & Coffee

Starting the day can be a chore. Sometimes you just want a warm, creamy coffee to jumpstart your energy before you head to work, or open your laptop, or drive the kids to school after they miss the bus. If you aren’t aware, you can do this without a coffee pot, or a coffee machine like a Keurig. Instant Coffee has come a long way, and Cusa Tea & Coffee is blowing me away every morning.

Sometimes I want a hot cup of coffee, other times I want a cold brew, and once in a blue moon I like a tea. Cusa has created an instant coffee and tea brand that uses clean ingredients, and that’s how every company should be doing things if you ask me! I may get rid of the Keurig machine, or at least stop using it for coffee – just keep it for the instant hot water it provides me to make my Cusa instant coffees and teas.

Hot Chocolate Set

Not a coffee drinker? Hate tea? Or, you just want to get cozy at night when drinking a caffeinated beverage doesn’t make sense – then a hot chocolate set just makes sense to give cozy holiday gifts to everyone! You can enjoy a hot chocolate on your favorite comfortable chair, wrapped in your favorite blanket, as you watch holiday movies all winter long.

Soup Gift Package

Is soup your first choice comfort food? Before casseroles, or hot chocolate? I get it. I’m a soup fan! After a miserable winter day that kicked my butt, soup makes it melt away. Chicken Noodle, tomato, broccoli cheddar – doesn’t matter which one, soup is the right answer. Giving soup as a gift is pure holiday magic in my eyes! Spoonful of Comfort creates a soup gift that includes much more than just soup, and all of it is giving me serious comfort vibes!

Weighted Blanket

A weight blanket feels like you’re wrapped in a hug. And what’s more comfortable and cozy than a warm hug when you’re having one of those days, but no one is around to wrap you in a hug for hours? A weighted blanket! Sleep Number True Temp™ Weighted Blankets are just heavy enough at 12 lbs. to give you the exact right comfortable cozy feeling. They also have quilted removable covers you can wash, which makes my heart happy!

Neck Wraps

Do you have chronic pain sufferers on your holiday gift list? We want a neck wrap that we can heat up quickly in the microwave, or stick in the freezer to use it for cooling relief. Trust me, not one of us suffering with pain on the daily will reject this gift in any way. We’ll probably rip it out of the package and start using it before everyone else has opened their gifts.

Stuffed Animals

Kids. Teens. Adults. We all have pain, and many of us ladies have major cramping pain at least once per month. Having a sweet stuffed animal that can be heated or chilled is really all we want in this life. No one likes to admit it, but we never grow out of our love of stuffies. Most of us will never buy something like a heatable or chillable stuffed animal, so receiving them as gifts is kind of what the holidays is all about, right?

For Your Furry Family Members

Let’s not forget about favorite fur babies! Our family is a dog family, but some people have cats or bunnies, or even a guinea pig. I think any and all fur babies would love a comfy cozy bed. Maybe the cozy gift will get them off the couch… not likely, but you can always throw the calming bed on the couch. It’ll fit, create an even cozier experience, and maybe your fur babies will think twice before getting up to follow you everywhere if their bed is too cozy to leave! I can dream, right?

The Key to Buying the Perfect Cozy Holiday Gifts

These days we all need a little bit of comfort in your lives, so get into a cozy mindset before you start shopping! What makes the perfect cozy holiday present list? If it’s something the receive wouldn’t buy for themselves, but would benefit from in a big way. Sit down, spend some time really digging into your list. Work out what each person’s life is like, and REALLY think about who you’re buying a gift for. If you can do this, you’ll always hit it out of the park with the perfect cozy holiday gifts.

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