5 dad gift ideas he’ll love

There’s never a bad time to give a gift to the Dad in your life! He’ll always be thankful when you’re showing your appreciation for him.

dad gift ideas he'll love

5 dad gift ideas he’ll love

Dads are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for but from these five dad gift ideas, we’re sure you’ll find one perfect to purchase during your next shopping trip!


There are lots of Dads that love to get outside, throw some meats and vegetables on the grill, and show off their skills. If this sounds like the Dad you are looking to buy a gift for, consider choosing some grilling supplies to help him out. Grill covers, tongs, knives, preparation boards, and cleaning supplies are just some of the many grill accessories that your Dad will love to open up. A personalized grill set is a great way to enhance this gift and make it a little more thoughtful. If your budget allows and Dad is due for a new grill, consider gifting him that as well. Not only will it benefit him, but you may also get some delicious dishes from it as well!


Even if Dad is technology savvy, there are enough new technologies for the home on the market that there is no way he has them all! Video-equipped doorbells such as Ring doorbells have become staple items in homes across the world and make for a perfect gift for Dad. Nests or smart thermostats that can be easily installed in most homes are also perfect gifts for Dads that may even help save him a few dollars on his monthly bills.

Amazon Alexas, Google Homes, and other smart speakers can be useful both in the home, and in the office. With so many new home technologies being released what seems to be every day, the options for this gift are endless and perfect for a Dad who is into new technology or even one who is still learning the ropes.


Team apparel makes for the perfect gift for fan Dads. Instead of gifting him general team apparel or a jersey specific to one player, order him a custom jersey from his favorite team through a website like Wooter Apparel. where you can bring your Dad’s dream sports jerseys and uniforms to life!

From custom basketball jerseys to completely creating your own design, this will be a sentimental and memorable gift that can either be worn or displayed as decoration in a home or workspace. Pro-tip, if your custom jersey is for a professional sports team, follow up this gift with our next suggested gift, event tickets, to really show how much you love them!


As noted above, if you are able to, first gifting this special Dad a custom jersey for his favorite team and following it up with a second gift of tickets for a game or event to see his favorite team play and wear his new jersey is an incredible gift idea. If that is not feasible, event tickets, in general, make for great gifts.

Tickets to sporting events, concerts, local performances, and even beer, wine, or food festivals, depending on interests, are just some of the many options in this gift category. You can either give him tickets to use for himself and a preferred guest or make this something fun you can do with him.


Does the Dad you are purchasing a gift for taking pride in his ride? Car accessories that he will appreciate and use can range from car wash kits to seat covers to new tires. You can even head to your local car wash and pre-purchase a full vehicle detail package for him to redeem at his leisure to have him feeling like he is driving a car right off of the lot. New car mats, cell phone holders for the car, and steering wheel covers are also great car accessory gifts.

Whether the Dad you have in mind is a grill master and could use some new grilling accessories or is a sports fan who would enjoy a custom jersey and maybe some tickets to go with it, these five ideas will help to jump-start your shopping for Dad this year!

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