4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Hunter in Your Life

Buying gifts can be a real challenge. Covering somebody for Christmas, a birthday, and Father’s Day takes all the creativity we have, especially when he won’t give you any hints. Most of the time, an easy solution is to zero in on hobbies and build from there. That’s definitely true when you’re shopping for a hunter.

hunter in your life father's day gift ideas

Have a hunter in your life? 4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad

Here are four ideas to ease the struggle of Father’s Day gifts for the hunter in your life.

Blood Trailing Light

Cop shows have brought all kinds of technology into the public consciousness, and the search for blood is often at the heart of the matter. Every hunter experiences a perfect shot that doesn’t have an immediate impact, putting the hunter into tracking mode. A Blood Trailing Lights help your hunter detect the blood of a wounded target, making his pursuit safer and providing a more humane completion of the hunt.

Colored Headlamps

A hunter’s time in the field is conducted in the dark, making it difficult to:

  • load a rifle
  • get into position in a blind or stand
  • prepare to watch for game

The use of a normal light will distract game, but a colored headlamp provides enough light for simple functions without disturbing potential prey. One of these handy devices will provide safety and functionality for your hunter.

A New Gun

What hunter wouldn’t want an upgraded gun? While you probably won’t have the knowledge (or the budget) for a new high-powered piece for his primary hunting weapon, you can shop 9mm handguns online to find an affordable pistol for personal protection; a must if his hunting area is home to venomous snakes or other threats to personal safety.

Two-Way Radios

This may sound like a 1980’s gift, but read on. The ability to communicate with others is a vital safety measure for hunters, and many rugged areas lack sufficient cellular coverage for reliable service. Many radios today have an ultra-high range of 30 miles or more, providing safety and accountability for hunting companions. And thanks to the popularity of cell phones, public radio frequencies aren’t nearly as crowded as they used to be.

Gift-giving is tough. We’ve all experienced those long afternoons and evenings, strolling through stores or surfing the net in search of the right item for that hard-to-please hunter. If you think outside the traditional ideas of new camo gear and a state-of-the-art knife, you’ll find some great ideas that are sure to please any hunter.

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