4 Hot & Fashionable iPhone Accessories

So you’ve got the newest iPhone. Chances are, you think it’s pretty great. It’s also an excellent reason to upgrade your accessories, both to ensure that they’re compatible with your phone and also because you want accessories that are as cool as your new iPhone. Not sure where to start? We’re happy to help!

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Four Hot & Fashionable iPhone accessories for your new smartphone

Here are four fashionable iPhone accessories you don’t want to miss!

PopSockets That Add Form and Function

It’s not uncommon to see iPhone and even tablet owners “pop out” a round grip from the back of their phones. The grips make holding phones easier and prevent you from dropping — and potentially breaking — your iPhone. They’re known as PopSockets; although, companies have rushed to make knockoffs.

They also work as stands, allowing you to set your phone down to read recipes while cooking or stream video without using your hands. When not in use, they fold back into place accordion-style, adding only a few millimeters of thickness to your device.

The name brand devices have superior quality and are available in multiple designs. There’s an option to create your own designs, so your unique PopSocket will truly express your personality. Plus, you can swap out faceplates when you want to change your expression of style.

Basic PopSockets are just the grip, but there are options that include a pocket in which you can store money or a card. PopSockets attach to your phone using a sticker that can safely be removed without damaging the device. You can choose where to position the PopSocket to make holding your phone comfortably and to use it as a stand-in either portrait or landscape mode.

A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

While phone speakers have come a long way, they’re still not as robust as the actual thing. And with how lightweight Bluetooth speakers can be, there’s no reason not to grab one as an accessory to your iPhone. Plus, many of them light up — some in response to music. Just charge it, and you’re good to go.

Worried about losing the speaker? No worries. There’s a few options with key rings, which makes it easy to clip it to your bag. Techies, do you want the bells and whistles? Some speakers connect to your smartphone and are Alexa-enabled. Yes. That’s right! Without disconnecting your speaker: ask questions, give commands or answer the phone through your speaker.

A Mini Power Bank That You Won’t Even Notice Is There

The more handy devices you have, the more likely one of them will die at an inconvenient time. Traditional power banks/external batteries work but can be a little bulky. Fortunately, you can find mini power banks that plug directly into your iPhone’s charging port without the need for a cable. The devices are small — barely bigger than a flash drive — that they simply connect to your phone with a magnet and do not interrupt use at all.

Because you have a few options, make sure to purchase one that’s compatible with your Lightning connector; although, some mini power banks come with multiple attachments that make them compatible with more than just Apple devices. If you’re a hardcore user, consider mini power banks that come as a set with a charging dock. Always charged, so all you need to do: grab one — or more — and go!

A Case That Shows Off Your Sense of Style

When you spend money on an iPhone, you want to make sure it lasts. Enter the phone case. It offers protection from the elements and any accidental drops. Some cute iPhone cases also have additional features such as kickstands to watch videos on your phone; grips to make holding them easier; and, covers or pockets to hold cards and cash.

Of course, whatever iPhone case you buy, you want to make sure that it reflects your style, whether you opt for a custom design, one inspired by nature, or some awesome indie art. In fact, there are so many cool designs to choose from, that you might find it hard to pick just one!

While you don’t have to buy every possible accessory for your iPhone, the right ones will make your experience even better.

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