5 hot toys for summer

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School’s out. Summer has officially started. What are the 5 hot toys for summer? Well, I’m going to share what we’re totally in love with for this summer. Granted, others may not think of all five of these as toys – I do have a helmet, and a Butterfly Garden listed. However, it’s all in good fun for the summer, right???!!! I’ve also got an “honorable mention” after the list. Make sure to scroll through everything, because the honorable mention is SUPER CUTE. Believe it.

5 hot toys for summer

5 hot toys for summer

Zing Firetek Rockets

We cannot get through a summer without a toy from Zing. Every summer, Zing is one of our favorite toy brands to check out, and summer of 2015 is no joke! The Firetek Rocket is perfect for outdoor NIGHT play. Lights, and sound! How can anyone not love a rocket that lights up, and whistles as it soars up to 250 feet in the air. Just be careful, these things need to be away from houses – or they end up on the roof. When it lands on the roof of our house, it’s basically “kiss it goodbye, kiddies.”

Unfortunately, The Boy recently broke his clavicle (collar bone.) I had to break the news to him he was not going to be able to play with the Firetek Rocket for a good 4 weeks….this is the face of a boy who has just heard the bad news.

Zing Firetek Rocket #zingtoys #rocket #summertoy #sponsored

RoseArt Sidewalk Paint

Kids never tire of two things: bubbles, and sidewalk chalk drawing on the driveway. It’s not just my kids, I’ve asked many other moms about this phenomenon. I also have to admit, there’s something about both bubbles, and sidewalk chalk, that brings out the kid in EVERY adult. It’s absolutely awesome to head outside on a gorgeous day, and just play.

I do believe RoseArt’s Sidewalk Paint is going to be just as popular. There are kits, refills, and everything is AMAZINGLY inexpensive. I love cheap fun (which I’m sure people have heard, hardy har har.)

Chalk paint!!!! #roseart #ttpm

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SkyRocket Minion Helmet

It’s awesome. The new Minions movie is coming out this July 2015. Every kid will have the Minion fever, and even if they usually give you a hard time putting a helmet on to ride their bike, or their scooter, they’ll want to wear the Minion Helmet.  I want to wear the damn helmet! It’s adorable. The only aggravating part is the kids fighting over it, so now I’ve got to go buy another one. I wonder if any of the minions have blue eyes??? Little Miss would love to get a Minion Helmet with blue eyes! I’ll have to look into that…. SkyRocket Minion Helmet for Summer Safety #skyrocket #minion #sponsored

Madd Gear Scooters

Personally, scooters drive me nuts. Every time my kids ride these things around, I go in the house and let my husband handle the whole scooter activity. We do it the safest way, since they’re always wearing helmets while on their scooters. However, they just make me super nervous. Perhaps it’s the huge incline my driveway has, and the fact they have NO F&%$ing fear? Who knows, but it’s so not my thing to do with them. I’d rather do the chalk, bubbles and butterfly gardens.  However, the coolest scooters I’ve seen in a long time are from Madd Gear.

Not sure if I love them more because of the Australia connection, or because they’re stronger than most I see in stores. Whatever the reason, Madd Gear Scooters are kind of cool, I admit it. I’m fairly certain my Little Miss would love the MGP VX5 Extreme in orange!

Insect Lore’s Live Butterfly Garden

When kids go through our school district, when they get to the 3rd Grade in our particular elementary school, there’s a whole section devoted to butterflies. The kids learn about the life cycle, and of course, they “grow” butterflies. It’s super cute.

Now, for me, we did this when I was younger. We got to take the garden home with us for a few weeks. My kids’ school doesn’t let them do that, so instead, we’re going to be doing a Live Butterfly Garden. It’s a great price at $19.99. Insect Lore's Live Butterfly Garden #TTPM #sponsored


Creative Roots Create Your Own Fairy Garden

It’s just cute, so stop your eye rolling right now. Does your daughter love fairies? Create Your Own Fairy Garden is a must. It’s perfect for a rainy day over the summer. Or a couple of rainy days, because it’s got to be JUST PERFECT, per my Little Miss.

Just get it. Don’t haggle with me about how silly it is, and you have no place to put it. You’ll find room for it. Trust me. Just get the Creative Roots Create Your Own Fairy Garden. DO IT. No pressure.

Creative Roots Create Your Own Fairy Garden #sponsored #fairygarden


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