7 of the best Thanksgiving side dishes

When I think about Thanksgiving, I think about, well food. It’s what I think about almost all the time. Thanksgiving is no different, of course. What’s unique about my Thanksgiving? Well, I don’t like turkey. I’ll eat sliced deli turkey in a hero, however I’m not a big fan of chowing down on a big turkey that’s been roasting in the oven. I go for all the delicious Thanksgiving side dishes!

7 best thanksgiving side dishes

The 7 best Thanksgiving side dishes

When all the food is served, what’s my plate loaded up with: mini piles of the 7 best Thanksgiving side dishes around!

Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoes with Bacon from Southern Living. 

If I’m going to eat Sweet Potatoes, they better have some bacon on them. Everything’s better with bacon. Southern Living understands the bacon concept. Oh man, they understand it better than most! The main show: sweet potatoes. However, the crumbled bacon on top makes this dish beyond amazing. Best part? You can make it ahead of time! Also, you can make it in the slow cooker. Kind of a big deal! Heck, if you’re cooking all day, it makes it easier to entertain putting one dish in the slow cooker. It means one less dish to pay attention to, so you can join guests.

Balsamic-Roasted Carrots and Parsnips from Southern Living

Carrots can kind of be boring. Normally, I throw carrots into the oven and roast them, because it gives them a great flavor. Instead of just doing carrots, Southern Living has put parsnips into the mix. Parsnips are the perfect accent to carrots. I think the crushed red pepper puts this dish over the top, but if you’re not into a little bit of a kick, leave it out of the ingredients list. 

Buttermilk Biscuits from Cooking Channel

How can you have a Thanksgiving meal without some buttermilk biscuits? You can’t. The key to buttermilk biscuits? Making them with cold shortening, cut into cubes, or cold butter cut into cubes. It’s the secret to making them flaky, and fabulous. Completely love the simple recipe from Cooking Channel. Even I can make these without issues.

Best Green Bean Casserole from allrecipes

I’m not big on the green beans, either. However, I can’t resist a green bean casserole covered in french fried onions and lots of cheese! Isn’t that how everyone gets their kids to eat everything? Load it up with cheesy gooey goodness? Am I the only one doing this trick……dang, world’s worst parent, I guess!

Brussels Sprouts in a Sherry Bacon Cream Sauce from allrecipes

Normally, I won’t touch brussels sprouts. Once again, bacon makes it all better! Plus, there’s sherry involved in a cream sauce. What’s not to love? You know, besides the brussels sprouts themselves. 

Truffled Cheese Mash from Cooking Channel

Mashed potatoes are a favorite of mine. Totally okay with boring, plain mashed potatoes. However, I would never say no to truffled mash potatoes. Seriously, I’m a truffle junkie. I’d have that on everything if I was a millionaire.  It’s the only way I’d be able to afford to have it on everything. Truffles aren’t cheap, my friends, but the flavor……..I could lose myself in a bowl full of truffles freshly dug up from those little pigs in Italy. Bring.It.On. Even better is when I don’t have to buy truffles, but still get that earthy flavor just from an amazing cheese! Check this recipe out – it’s got some surprises!

Caramelized Onion and Cornbread Stuffing from Food Network

Finally, you’ve got to have stuffing. Tyler Florence ‘s stuffing recipe is the bomb. The only thing that might put this over the top is a little bacon, or hey, some truffles. My favorite part: the caramelized onions!!!! 

Enjoy the best part of a Thanksgiving feast – all the sides – and leave the giant bird for everyone else!

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  1. Sondra November 14, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    My husband introduced me to green bean casserole when we had our first Thanksgiving together. It is THE best and I look forward to this awesome side dish he makes each year. Can’t wait!

  2. Diane @ Philzendia November 15, 2015 at 10:57 am

    The side dishes are everything at Thanksgiving dinner. That truffled cheese mash sounds heavenly!

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