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Shopswell Wishlist Sweepstakes

By | 2016-08-30T21:40:52+00:00 June 10, 2015|Featured, Shopping In-store & Online|

I've been super busy over at I'm excited to be shopping smarter together, because that's how November Sunflower started out so many years ago. My goal was to help people shop smarter! It's still a primary goal I have, because I'm always sharing my thoughts about EVERYTHING I buy; everything I see; and everywhere [...]

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A smarter way to shop with ShopSwell

By | 2016-08-30T21:08:10+00:00 April 22, 2015|Featured, Reviews, Shopping In-store & Online|

Shopping. It's what I'm good at. I'm not afraid to toot my own shopping horn. It's how November Sunflower started back in 2009. I was an expert shopper, who found not just great deals, but amazing ways to pay for the goods I purchased with gift cards I earned for free. It's "my thing." I'm [...]

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Be prepared for St. Patrick’s Day

By | 2016-08-30T22:41:38+00:00 February 22, 2016|Featured, Shopping In-store & Online|

It's important to be prepared for all holidays, but for some reason, St. Patrick's Day always gets away from me. It's not like I don't know it's coming, but I always seem to forget the kids actually enjoy celebrating it. Our Nana insists we're part Irish. Personally, I think she just likes having a reason [...]

Online Shopping Resources and more

By | 2017-12-09T15:24:18+00:00 October 3, 2011|

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links that are online shopping resources, and some are referral links. There's no additional cost to you, but for some of the affiliate links, I'll earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  If you use a referral link, normally it means [...]