A smarter way to shop with ShopSwell

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A smarter way to shop with ShopSwell #shopswell #playswell #amazongiveaway #sponsored

Shopping. It’s what I’m good at. I’m not afraid to toot my own shopping horn. It’s how November Sunflower started back in 2009. I was an expert shopper, who found not just great deals, but amazing ways to pay for the goods I purchased with gift cards I earned for free. It’s “my thing.” I’m constantly looking for a smarter way to shop, and I’ve found another site that makes my heart swoon. I started using PlaySwell recently, and then they started a whole new site! It’s a smarter way to shop with ShopSwell. Shopping smarter together is their tagline, and MAN are they right.

A smarter way to shop with ShopSwell

What makes a shopping experience phenomenal? Finding an awesome price on “that perfect product.” How can you find that perfect price? Using tools! Who has time to go back, check prices all the time to see if the price dropped, or it went on sale? I know I don’t. If you saw my day planner and white board calendar, you’d understand how little time I have. There are NO WHITE BOXES on any of my calendars, or day planners. It’s just unheard of.

Time is of the essence, and ShopSwell gets that. They’ve got the most awesome Price Tracking tool I’ve seen on almost any other website that claims to help you shop smarter. The price tracking tool on ShopSwell allows you to not just track a price drop, but also allows you to request to know when an item you want hits a certain price. You want that new book, but don’t want to pay $21.99 for it? You want to pay a few bucks less for it? Go ahead and click on the price tracking button, and enter the exact price you want to pay for the book you want. Then sit back, and wait. Yes, sit back and wait. Once it reaches the price you entered, you’ll know. No checking back.

Now, if you’re just interested in paying LESS, but don’t have a specific price point you want to focus on, that’s fine. Totally leave amount box empty, and it’ll alert you to every price drop that happens on the product you’re price tracking. SWEET. I’ve got my eye on a Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel surge protector. It’s really cool, and the price isn’t quite where I want it to be. Now I wait, while ShopSwell does the work for me. It’ll let me know each price drop that happens. LOVE IT.

A smarter way to shop together with ShopSwell #shopswell #pricetracking #sponsored

Let’s shop smarter together over at ShopSwell

ShopSwell is brand new. It’s in the early stages, and patience with the site is of the essence. Trust me, the people behind the website want it to be amazing for all of us who love to shop smarter. Don’t be shy about sharing your thoughts, because without great feedback, they won’t be able to improve the site! Completely love companies that are open-minded, and don’t think they “know it all.”

All of us using the site are benefiting from community reviewed and curated products! We get recommendations, we give recommendations, and we shop for the right products, right now. Plus, the videos are helpful. Yes, videos are attached to almost every product on ShopSwell. It’s making shopping a lot easier!

Oh, and the best part of introducing ShopSwell to all of you, is that I also get to offer a really great giveaway! When you sign up for their newsletter, you can be entered into a giveaway to win a Prime Membership good for one year. Not interested in a one year Prime Membership? No worries, you can get a $99 Amazon Gift Card instead! Pretty cool, I know. I love when I get to choose a prize!

Interested in entering the giveaway? Good. The entry form is below. The giveaway starts today, and ends in just TWO WEEKS. Get your entries is soon, you don’t want to miss out on such a fantastic prize!

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