Beautiful skin is the best holiday accessory

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If you ask most men, including my husband, beautiful skin is the best holiday accessory a woman could have. It’s not the diamonds, it’s not the shoes, and it’s definitely not the make-up. I’m a woman who keeps away from make-up. It doesn’t matter what kind, I just don’t want it on me. When it comes to the rest of my body, I’m the same way: less is more. How does a woman who isn’t a big fan of make-up achieve flawless skin for the holidays? After a natural face, I go for a very natural and vibrant look for my neck, shoulders, arms and legs. Plus, the hands. Never forget the hands!

best holiday accessory #jergens #bbcream #sponsored #jergensbbbody #bbgoesbodyBeautiful skin is the best holiday accessory

What’s beautiful skin? Well, to me it’s skin that’s moisturized. It drives me nuts when I have this amazing dress, killer shoes, and a fantastic selection of jewelry and my elbows are flaky. I look down at my hands, and they’re just all dried out and flaking. Oh, and my feet. If it’s a night I’m wearing shoes that show off my toes, and I look down and they are just GA-ROSS with scratchy skin! It’s a turn-off. Now? Jergens BB Body goes on from my shoulders down to the tips of my toes. It illuminates and hydrates my skin. After using it for a week, it even evens out my skin tone. It basically does a lot of “correcting” of my imperfections!

I know, you’re asking yourself “BB Cream for the skin? Doesn’t that get all over clothing?” The answer? Heck no. Instead of it going on with color, it goes on sheer and absorbs into the skin, instead of going on with a color and sitting on top of the skin, like the BB Cream for the face. The sheer cream just adjusts to the skin color. It comes in light, and medium. Not sure what you should pick up at your local Target, or CVS? I’ve got a handy little chart to help you out, because heavens knows I had to figure it out for my own skin!

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Surprisingly, I use both shades. I use the medium shades for my arms and legs, and the lighter one for my neck, shoulders, and feet. It just works. The exclusive blend of natural Shea Butter, and a Firm Perfecting Complex enhances the texture and luminosity of my entire body. I can’t be sure, because I’m not a scientist, but I think the Self Adjusting Tone Technology is what makes my skin kind of just “glow.” I wouldn’t say I’m flawless, but at least my skin is flawless. I’m not saying I glow like some of the stars in Hollywood, but hey, at least the husband likes it!

Even in photos this stuff just glows…….

Smells amazing and helps make your skin look flawless? Yes please @jergensus

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Even with all the amazing benefits Jergens BB Perfecting Skin Cream, my favorite part of the whole experience? The scent. I’m not someone who wears perfume, but when I find a great scented moisturizer that actually moisturizes and makes my skin look fabulous – there’s really nothing better in life. It’s the simple pleasures!

Learn more about Jergens on their Facebook page. You never know when they might offer something special!

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