Birthday Celebrations are better with Pinypons

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Super Storm Sandy really did some damage to the Long Island area. It’s the worst storm I’ve ever seen, and it wasn’t even classified as a Hurricane when it hit Long Island. It boggles my mind, because the damage she did will be here with us for years. We had people who lost everything, including their lives. We had people lose electricity, and many who still don’t have it. And then there were people who weren’t touched at all.

My family of four? We lost electric. My parents were gracious enough to allow us to stay with them for about NINE DAYS. As the days went by, and I saw what people had lost, the destruction, and devastation, I kept thinking how lucky we were. And how I wasn’t about to let this storm take anything else from my family! The kids’ birthdays quickly approached, and we had yet to get electricity back. I began to make alternate plans to have it at my parents’ house – and then, as if Mother Nature knew I was done with this crap, electricity was restored to our home, thanks to a fabulous group of Louisiana workers!

Party on, my friends. Party on. Even with a Nor’Easter heading our way, I knew we’d be fine, and we plotted on. However, we’d be hosting some unexpected guests……

Pinypon Caravan and Dolls

We had little boys, and girls, at this party – and they all loved these “new friends.” It was nice to know the Pinypons were well-received. You just  never know how these things will work out! There was a plethora of dolls to choose from, and play with. Plus, the coolest caravan ever created. Sure, Mommy had to put the stickers on the caravan, and stock it full of the little cups, straws, utensils, and goodies, but it was worth it. I was the first one to get to play with them. HA!

Pinypon Products

It’s amazing how little girls play so different than little boys. Our little ladies sat at the table, moved all the little figure heads to different bodies, and changed out their little flowers in their hair…….and the boys? They just loved seeing them laying all over the place without heads. It looked like a massacre after the boys were done, but they LOVED IT. Is it wrong that I thought it was kind of funny?

It was just so easy to remove all the pieces, that even the youngest ones were enjoying playing with the dolls. The water in the caravan “shower” was a huge hit, but not a huge hit with the moms who walked out of here with some wet kids. Oh well, it’s all in the name of good fun, right?!!!

Beyond all of them having fun, my favorite part was how each little girl found great pride in changing the hair, and clothing, on the figures. Creating a variety of styles, and having them eat together on the “patio” table, with a trip down the slide on the “boat.” I thought having little wheels on the surf boards was a great touch! All of the toys are made well, and I honestly think some of the easiest ones to interchange. We’ve had nothing but smiles, and no frustrations, when switching out the hair, bodies, and accessories.

Pinypon Playtime

*I received these items as part of MomSelect. All opinions are that of my little party goers, and me! Thanks goes to Pinypon.


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