Blog Conference: tis the season for new business cards

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new business cards for networking
Oh boy, oh boy. Everywhere you turn these days, someone’s heading to a conference, or networking event.

New business cards for networking during conference season

In 2010, I was itching to attend a blog conference and BlogHer was coming to New York. However, I couldn’t get the funds together and no sponsors to help offset the costs, so I missed it. In 2011 it moved to San Diego, so again, I missed it.

Once again, I sat, waiting to hear where it would be in 2012. Lucky me, New York it is. I was so excited, I bought my conference passes in August of 2011 for the August of 2012 event.

Why BlogHer?

Many people in my industry said it’s THE EVENT to be at when you’re a female in the blogging industry. Plus, it was back in Manhattan. How could I NOT go? I even got EARLY BIRD pricing and a COUPON for 20% off the conference ticket. SCORE. If you can’t do it FRUGAL, why bother? I then quickly found roommates to share the hotel room with me, which helps with expenses. Currently, we have joined forces and are offering ourselves up to Sponsors. Who could say no to us? We’re all FABULOUS, right?

Business cards

Now, we’re all set. Ready to rumble. We will snag ourselves sponsors. One of our “offerings” to sponsors: the option to put their logo on the backs of our business cards. PRETTY DARN COOL, right? We’re top notch here at November Sunflower! Special business cards are necessary. We all know how much I love Tiny Prints, right? I’m just waiting for sponsors to come through…….any minute now, they’ll throw money at me and my gals!

Until then, I’ll be figuring out which one of the designs I like the best. It’s not going to be easy. The selection is to die for. Not cost effective to get one of each design…..so I have to choose just one and that is KILLING ME.

I may need some help on this one…..can you check out the selection and give me some feedback? That would be awesome!

*Writing this post will mean that I will receive 50 free business cards to help offset the expense of getting brand new business cards.

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