Book Review: The Barefoot Executive

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Creating an empire, so I can walk barefoot along sandy beaches whenever I feel the need to travel, is my life goal. Who wouldn’t want to be a barefoot executive, living life on her own terms? Before reading Carrie Wilkerson’s The Barefoot Executive, I didn’t realize what I had to offer all of you. I’d never heard of Ms. Wilkerson before, but when asked to review her book, I figured, WHY NOT? It never hurts to read books about finding practical ways to make my financial reality what I want it to be: TRILLIONS!


Barefoot Executive

Motivation for being a barefoot executive

The Barefoot Executive starts you at GROUND ZERO, asking the important question:”What is your motivation?”  It’s in the INTRODUCTION of the book. PHENOMENAL. The Barefoot Executive is great if:

  • you want to make a couple hundred bucks a week
  • couple thousand a week
  • or, perhaps you want to leave behind a legacy (along with trillions)

WHY do you want your business, not just the IDEA you have

From the moment you start reading, Carrie leads you to not just figure out your business idea, but WHY you want to be in business/be your own boss. She’s digging around for your “WHY.” Walking around in your brain, looking for what’s going to make you skip watching your favorite TV show, because you just HAVE to get down to business. There’s no sugar-coating in this book, my friends.

This ain’t no mamby pamby, let’s all embrace, hug, and be one with our business. It’s a book to help:

  • find your passion
  • show how to make money from it
  • you stop throwing out excuses
  • everyone get down to the business at hand.

Business at hand

The business at hand is different for each one of us. For me, it means:

  • being my own boss
  • making trillions
  • building an empire, as well as a legacy
  • having the luxury of being a Mom without “asking” someone if it’s okay to take off because my daughter is sick
  • not begging for a few weeks off to go on vacation with my kids
  • never worry I’ll be fired for choosing to attend my son’s soccer game, instead of staying late for some “non-mandatory” event the boss is hosting for the department heads

Plus, company’s have no loyalty to their employees (my brother was with his company for 16 years, and was let go this past January). I’m not about to put my financial future into some corporation’s hands. Been there, done that, not for me!

Formula for your idea

Carrie’s going to give you the EXACT formula to come up with your idea. Once your idea is found, she’ll she’ll show you how to take your idea to INCOME. Doesn’t matter if you already have a business, or you’re in Direct Sales/Network Marketing. She’s still got goodies for everyone:

  • you want to be in the service business, no problem
  • do you want to sell KNOWLEDGE, she’s able to help
  • if you want to be a consultant, she’s got a plan of action for you to succeed

Does she do all the work for you? NO, that’s silly. It’s your future, not hers. You have to do the work, not her. However, her book does have amazing “extras” she offers up. It’s not her coming to your house to hold your hand and help, but she does give you the links you can visit to watch videos at the end of each chapter. Her book gives you all the RIGHT tools to figure out:

  • what motivates you
  • what’ll drive and push you

So that no matter what happens, you’re in the driver’s seat of your future.

Don’t skip the INTRODUCTION

It’s a fast read. Each part is important, starting with the Introduction. Wilkerson explains to readers how to use the book to best fit their needs. Some people who want to read it will already have the business they want to be in, but need help getting the perfect sales funnel to bring their ideas to income. Or, in her words: “fill your stadium.” It’s important in business, ANY business, that you know who your audience is, AND what they want.

There will be many of you out there who get this book, because you want to figure out how to start a business, and it will be THE BEST book you could ever start with. It won’t be the only book you read, but it’s the best one to begin your journey to being your own boss and having financial freedom!

Final thoughts on The Barefoot Executive

I love two things about this woman, Carrie Wilkerson:

  • First, she decided, just like me, that she wanted to be a MOTHER first, and live her life with financial freedom.
  • Second, she understands that people need to KNOW you don’t have to go to college to be an expert in your field.

I’m an expert in strategic shopping. I never buy things without making money whilst shopping, or many times, I don’t spend my paycheck as I shop. If you want to buy something, I can teach you how to get it:

  • without paying full price
  • earning cash for buying it
  • plus, more often than not, get free shipping on the purchase

Strategic shopping is a skill, not just a gift. I’m an EXPERT in my field. I know that, but I didn’t go to college for it. I don’t have a degree in it. My degree, believe it or not, is in Broadcast Journalism.

Trust me when I tell you to get this book, it’s worth every penny. The gifts she gives in this book are priceless:

  • TOOLS to develop your idea
  • skills to find your audience
  • showing you how to claim the life you want

I HIGHLY recommend this book. Order Carrie’s book on Amazon.com.

About Carrie Wilkerson: She has become the definitive resource for helping others achieve extra income and career goals while working from home and keeping their priorities intact. Her passion is teaching others to “Fill their Stadium” with fans so that marketing is easy and business is abundant. She lives outside of For Worth, Texas, with her husband and four children.

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