Boring Girl Beauty Tips: The Lips

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I’m not a girl who wears make-up. I wear it when I have to, like for my wedding day. I have nothing against it. It also doesn’t mean I don’t like looking good. People always assume if you don’t wear make-up, you don’t care about your appearance. It’s not true. I like feeling beautiful just as much as any other woman on the planet. I go to great lengths to find beauty products I can use that enhance my natural look, make me feel good, and make my skin shine. I guess I’d call it Boring Girl Beauty. However, I’m anything from boring as a person! I’m just a boring girl when it comes to beauty. I know there are others out there like me, so I’m going to start sharing Boring Girl Beauty Tips. It all starts with the lips today.

Boring Girl Beauty Tips: The Lips

It’s winter. My lips are dried out, and I have a habit of picking the skin off of them. Gross, yes, but there’s plenty of us ladies that do it. Why do we do it? Who knows? I hate the feeling of the dried parts, so I pick them off to make it feel smoother, but it never works and I end up bleeding. We all know how attractive dried out, bloody lips are, right? It’s the new trend for winter!

What? Not going for the new trend for winter? Perhaps a little tip to try and fight the dried out, chapped and bloody look would be a little bit of a help? Just keep in mind, I’m a basic girl, and we’re doing boring girl beauty here. Don’t get your hopes up too high! My tips are pretty basic, and to the point: buff your lips, put on a great conditioning lip treatment. SHAZAM, that was easy, right?

I’ve tried many lip buffs, and many lip conditioning products. Trust me, when you’re boring and basic, you go to great lengths to find high quality products that don’t break the bank; work well; and of course, don’t have a ton of color pigment in the conditioner. Think NATURAL. Boring, basic, and natural.

Julep Buff Lip Scrub gets my lips smooth, and gets all the dried out skin cleared away. It’s not heavily scented, it does the job easily, and it actually works. Amazing. I put the product on, use the lip buff end to move it all over my lips. With the stuff still on my lips, I just sort of mash my lips together and move them around for a bit while I get some other things done. When I’m ready to wash my face each morning, I then remove the stuff from my lips. After everything is off, I’ve got a clean face, and I’m all moisturized up for the day, I apply Julep Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment. I slip it into my coat pocket for my day out, and apply it throughout the day. Every time I have the urge to pick at my lips, even though they aren’t dried out, I put more conditioner on them.

Winter is no match for this boring girl! Again, just because I’m not wearing make-up every day, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to feel beautiful. It’s also nice to have the husband like what he sees every day, right? I certainly like when he’s clean shaven, and spiffy. It doesn’t hurt if I’ve got pretty lips, and feel good about myself!

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