Brand Spanking New to me is this Ibotta app

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ibotta free app

Earning points is great, that’s for sure. Especially when they can be traded for cash. However, earning straight on CASH is even better. Especially when you can earn cash for watching videos, taking simple polls, reading brand facts, and then buying the brands you already love anyway! It’s kind of a “cash back” plus “free cash” combo platter when you use Ibotta. Have you heard of it? I’m sure it’s been circling your radar for a bit of time, with many bloggers writing about it, but I’m hear to tell you, it’s rather cool!

It’s brand spanking new to me this Ibotta app, and I am totally loving it. I’m not the regular shopper of groceries in this family, we all know that, right? However, I do all the watching, reading, and poll taking, and I leave Mister November Sunflower to match up the bar code to the brand to complete the mission! Then just snap a photo of your receipt to upload it, and it will confirm everything, so you can get your cash added to your account. And we score money, even when we use coupons. The app doesn’t care, it just wants to scan the bar code, get the picture of the receipt, and be done with you! So cool. Love it. I tested it out recently, and scored on Townhouse Crackers. Woo to the hoo.

Each time you use it, the app sort of remembers, and it keeps offers coming to you that sort of match what you’re buying. The more you use it, the more offers that will be extended to you, and it’s just going to make you more money in the long run!

Here’s something even better!!! You can refer friends, have them sign up, and you earn $1.00 per friend you refer to this bad boy Ibotta.

Of course I’m going to refer you, I’m not crazy. I’d like to earn a little extra something for sharing, it’s how I make sure my family has a bit of an income with our blog.

Here’s my referral link for all of you to enjoy, and use to sign up, and start earning with Ibotta. It’s very easy to use, and kind of fun, too! The kids like matching the bar codes with the iPad. Thank goodness for fun things to do in order to keep the kids from throwing things into the cart, right?!!!!

PS-you can get this little app on the App store, or Google play – so whether you’re an iOS lover, or a Droid, you won’t be left out. BOTH versions are totally free to download. Another score!

Again, earning cash back for buying things that YOU ARE ALREADY BUYING is what Strategic Shopping is all about. Don’t buy things just because they’re on sale, and have a coupon. If you don’t have a baby, you don’t need 300 packages of diapers in your house.

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