Grab Your Rubber Ducky for National Bubble Bath Day

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Whether you’re like me and not a big fan of any kind of baths, let alone a bubble bath, you can still celebrate National Bubble Bath day in fun ways. Personally, I’ve always an issue with baths. I moved my kids quickly from “bath time” to showers, because soaking in your own filth gives me the willies. But I get how people find them relaxing, soothing, and zen-like. They get their candles, wine (or some other adult beverage), music, something to read, a rubber ducky, a favorite bottle of bubbles and transform their day from stressful to calm in as little as an hour for a minimal price tag, right? Sounds divine. Truly. It’s just not for everyone.

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National Bubble Bath Day Celebration Ideas for the Non-bath Lovers

So how can a non bath lover celebrate National Bubble Bath day without having to take a bath they have no interest in taking? For me, it is my firm belief that people love bubble baths because it’s a form off self-care. You get to pamper yourself with your daily, or weekly ritual. It’s time away from the world. It’s your time to really tune into your thoughts, and maybe even meditate a bit. With that in mind, perhaps one of these alternatives might be a great way to enjoy National Bubble Bath Day!

Pedicure with an Extended Spa Foot Soak

One of the small pleasures in this life is having someone tend to your aching arches, dried out skin, and busted up toes. A long spa soak with lots of salts and scents for your feet can be just as relaxing as a long full-body bubble bath. Even more so, as you can also get a foot massage after the long soak. Another benefit: pretty toe nails!

If you do an at-home spa foot soak, you have to do everything yourself, however if you get yourself a foot massager, it’s still pretty relaxing!

Gift Someone a Bubble Bath Basket

What feels better than taking care of someone you care about? If you’re not into baths, but someone you love totally indulges in the bubble bath ritual, give them a beautiful basket. You feel good giving a beautiful gift. They’ll feel good receiving the gift, and then using it not just on National Bubble Bath Day but every day. Everyone wins and someone will enjoy a relaxing soak.

Soaking in Bubble Baths

Maybe, you know, just go ahead and take a bubble bath. See if you’re missing out. If you feel weird about soaking in your own dirt, take a shower first and then clean out the tub before loading the tub up with bubbles, bath salts, bath bombs and whatever else makes a relaxing bath experience. I mean, it’s worth a bit of a try. You might just fall in love with the process and start incorporating into your self care routine.

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