Canvas prints from Canvaspop Review

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Canvas prints from Canvaspop #canvaspop #momsday #sponsored

A public service announcement to all those men out there looking for a great gift for the mothers in their lives: think personal. Actually, a better way of going about finding the perfect gift for the moms in your life is to sit down, and really UNDERSTAND what the moms in your life love! Do they love photos? Are they big on jewelry? Is a new pair of shoes something they’ve been eying? Right here, on today’s edition of November Sunflower, since I’m a fan of all things photo, I’m sharing what I’d want on Mother’s Day!

Canvas prints from Canvaspop

When you look around my home, the walls are relatively covered with photos. I’ve got photo books on my bookshelves. There are mugs with photos in my cabinets. Magnets adorn our fridge, and guess what? You got it, they’re photos! I inherited this obsession from my mother, although I’m not as bad as she is. She’s actually run out of wall space, and I’ve still got plenty of room!

Perhaps I still have room because she’s got a few years on me, or it’s just because a lot of my photos go into beautiful little photo books I create each year. Who knows. I do know that the one thing I have, that she doesn’t have, is a true infatuation with photos on canvas. If it was up to me, I’d take every photograph I have and put them all on canvas prints! It’s probably my favorite way to showcase my kids in pictures, and my family, too.

It all started with a smaller print of my husband and the kids a few years ago. Then a larger photo of the kids from our disaster of a Disney Cruise. Now I’ve gone even bigger with a 16 x 20 canvas print from CanvasPop! I get chills thinking about it.

canvaspop canvas prints #canvasprint #photogift #sponsoredMother’s Day gift of choice

My husband gets off easy this year, because hey, I’ve already gotten the gift of my liking! The beauty of having an amazing company ask me to check out their canvas prints. It was packaged beautifully. Sturdy box, canvas wrapped in bubble wrap, which the kids loved as a little gift (amazing, all the toys I’m sent, and their biggest thrill is when bubble wrap is in the house.) I was beyond excited when I saw the hardware to hang the canvas was already attached, PLUS it came with hooks for the wall! EVERYTHING arrived together, no worries for me!

canvas print gift #canvaspop #photogift #sponsoredSo fellas, and even the ladies. If you’ve got a woman in your life who happens to be a mother, and just so happens to love photos, you cannot miss the chance to get a gorgeous, high quality canvas print without the super heavy price tag! I’m smitten. I couldn’t be more excited to have my favorite photo from 2014 on a canvas. Every year there’s one picture of the kids that just “epitomizes” our year, and this year it was their birthday party photo. We had an amazing birthday party at Sky Zone for the November Sunflowers. The smiles on their faces, after the super crappy year we’d experienced, captured on a canvas that now hangs in my home – there’s no better way to celebrate Mother’s Day for me!

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