Cash Rebate Shopping Series: baby nursery

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Planning for a new baby, and want to create a beautiful baby nursery for just a little less cash than expected? You’re in luck! I’ve a few tips to earn cash back on your purchases.

baby nursery cash rebate shopping lesson

Baby nursery shopping with cash rebate websites

Cash Rebate Shopping is an amazing way to earn cash rebates for baby items you need to purchase. Since people having a baby will need to outfit a nursery of some kind, it’s a great place to start the cash rebate shopping experience. So much needs to be purchased prior to a new bundle of joy’s birth!

Perhaps you want a bassinet for the baby to start in, then move to a crib. Many people do that! Plus, all the other goodies, such as:

  • monitor
  • sound machine
  • changing table
  • glider chair/rocking chair

Many of you have baby showers prior to the baby’s arrival. However, in my family, we’re severely superstitious and don’t have baby showers. It’s a personal preference for my family. BUT, if you know someone having a baby, you’ve seen how expensive baby shower gifts are. Whether you need to purchase items for your own new baby, OR for a loved one’s baby shower, you’ll want to continue reading.

Wherever people can register, or shop, more than likely there’s a website you can shop at through a cash rebate site. PLUS, there is always a sale somewhere!

Brick & Mortar stores with an online prescence

Today we explore just two stores: Babies “R” Us and Target, just to give you an idea and feel for cash rebate shopping. One of my personal favorite cash rebate websites is Mr. Rebates and it offers 2% cash back for Target, and 1% at Babies “R” Us. Other cash rebate websites offer similar cash back, but  not many have more than 1% at Target.

Babies “R” Us

Babies “R” Us makes it easy to find everything you can imagine for kids, and the online registry is easy to navigate. Babies “R” Us can have higher prices on many items, but often offer FREE SHIPPING. Currently, online, when you purchase $100 worth of items, you get free shipping. It doesn’t seem to have a date of expiration, but I’m sure it won’t last long. The downside? It will only cover Standard Shipping up to a $25.00 value. But every little bit helps.

****With an offer of free shipping up to $25.00, break your orders up if you go over the $25.00 value. REMEMBER, go to the Cash Rebate Site you use most often (for me, it’s Mr. Rebates.) Find Babies “R” Us and click through to shop. Then start filling up your cart. If you separate the items to maximize your free shipping, go back and start your shopping trip at your cash rebate site EACH TIME!****

Sleep needs

A fantastic crib set that comes in three colors: White, Espresso and Cherry. The BSF Baby Cabana Baby’s Room set includes the crib, changing “station” and an organizer shelf unit. Great find for just $239.99. Free shipping offer applies to this order, too. Unfortunately, doesn’t come with a mattress, which is normal. Not many crib sets do. Definitely learn more about what to look for in a mattress to lessen the chance of SIDS when visiting here –> SIDS

Along with the crib set, parents need a good monitor. Ones with cameras are perfect for a baby registry. One with a decent rating, along with the option to buy another camera (for that second kid you’re probably going to have,) is the Summer Infant Slim & Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor. It comes in silver, or pink. However, if you wish to purchase an extra monitor, it only comes in silver. This item is $199.99, with the extra camera running you $89.99. All have the free shipping option right now, too.

Sound machine to help baby sleep

A popular nursery item to consider: sound machine. A Cloud B On the Go Travel Size Plush Sound Machine comes in Sleep Sheep, Dozy Dolphin or Giraffe. Most people I know like the Sleep Sheep or the Giraffe. Both are so cute and super soft. Even though the travel size one doesn’t have mommy’s heart beat sound, it’s still awesome because you can take it off the crib easily, and bring it with you wherever you may go. It’s not a huge price difference between the three versions, but the Sheep is cheaper at $23.99, while the other two are $24.99. The larger version of the Sleep Sheep is $26.99, which can also be brought with you places, it’s just a tad larger.

Parent comfort in the nursery

One of my favorite parts of a nursery: the glider chair, or rocking chair. If room allows, it’s such a great addition to the nursery. Or, if you haven’t enough room in the nursery, perhaps one for your bedroom if you have your child with you for the first six months. One with good ratings at Babies “R” Us is the Storkcraft Hoop Glider & Ottomon Combo, which comes in a MULTITUDE of colors. Most of the colors are going to run you $179.99, but a couple of the colors are a little cheaper at $174.99.

Dirty diapers

Moving on to the business of dirty diapers. My preference: Diaper Genie. I have one, it’s super easy to use; easy to put together; refills are a decent price. Again, this is my personal preference, but there are diaper pails galore to choose from. The Diaper Genie II Elite is available for $34.99 and refills cost $7.49 per single refill, or if you want to go for the 3-pack, it’s $19.99. It’s not like you won’t need them! Might as well get the 3-pack, and save yourself the $2.48!

One final item for baby

A final little extra: the Amber Alert My Child ID. It comes in three colors: pink, green and blue. It’ll run you $39.99, and keeps all your child’s information in digital format JUST IN CASE you ever need it. It’s PRECAUTIONARY, and though we don’t like to think about “worst case scenarios,” it’s good to be prepared for the worst.

Purchase cash back total with Cash Rebate shopping at Babies “R” Us

Without using a cash rebate website the spend is: $718.94.

  • Crib
  • Monitor
  • Sound Machine
  • Glider Chair
  • Diaper Genie
  • Amber Alert

Depending on colors you might choose, the price may vary a bit. Plus, if you want to spread the orders out to get the free shipping for your items, since the cap is $25.00 per order, it’s a sort of crap shoot on your preferences, so the total spend is based on putting everything into ONE order. Going through this process is to get you familiar with the concepts of cash rebate shopping.

Mr. Rebates gives 1% cash rebates on your SUBTOTAL order at Babies “R” Us: $7.19.

I’m sure it doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s going to start to add up and it’s legit FREE MONEY. If you’re purchasing the items anyway, why not earn money back to offset some of the cost? It isn’t like it takes a huge amount of time, just go to the cash rebate site of your choice first, find the store you wish to shop at, click through and shop.

Have a credit card that earns you cash back? Use it to make your purchases, and earn even more cash back!


Mr. Rebates offers 2% cash back at Target.

Sleep needs

A beautiful choice for baby: the Graco Lauren Classic Convertible Crib. It comes in four colors: Espresso, White, Natural or Walnut. Each one comes with a “free gift” of a dressing table. The crib transforms from crib, to toddler bed, to day bed and then to a full sized headboard for later in life. It’s $159.99. However, no free shipping. It can be shipped to the store, for less money.

A camera and sound baby monitor perfect for any baby nursery: the Summer Infant Silver Sleek & Secure Video Monitor. If you want just one monitor and camera it’s on sale for $161.99. If you want to have two cameras, since this item is on sale, buy the monitor and one camera unit, then add a second camera into your cart. It’s CHEAPER than buying the monitor with two camera unit. Always work out the pricing for these types of options. Sometimes, when sales are going on, it’s smarter to buy an original set and then the “extra” part separately.

In this case, the unit with TWO cameras is crazy to pay for, when you can get the unit with ONE camera, and then the unit that has just a camera. Make sense?

Target does NOT have the Cloud B sound machines, BUT they have a pretty nice Conair Infant Sound Machine for $25.99. It’s got 10 soothing sounds, which is six more than the lamb from Babies “R” Us.

Dirty diapers

Unfortunately, the Diaper Genie II Elite is a bit more expensive than Babies “R” Us, but not by much: $35.09

Parent comfort in the nursery

Target has a much smaller color selection for the Stork Craft Hoop Glider Rocker & Ottoman, but they’re all less expensive than their counterparts at Babies “R” Us. They range from $135.99 to $143.64 on sale. Honestly, even when they aren’t on sale, they’re still cheaper than Babies “R” Us. HOWEVER, no free shipping is available. In the end, it might be less expensive to get it from Babies “R” Us, so DO THE MATH before making big purchases like this.

Unfortunately, Target does NOT have the Amber Alert ID like Babies “R” Us does. They should look into getting it!

Purchase cash back total with Cash Rebate shopping at Target

At Target, if you purchase all of the above mentioned items at their cheapest prices, you spend: $592.04 (before shipping costs, which Cash Rebates does not calculate their percentage with, just the subtotal)

However, with cash rebates, you’ll spend approximately: $580.20

Just made a big savings on items that have to be purchased anyway, just by shopping through the cash rebate site.

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