Click-Eez Clickable Stackable Jewelry

Disclosure: The jewelry my daughter received to review was provided at no cost by Click-Eez Clickable Stackable Jewelry. No monetary compensation was provided.

Mama Sunflower is a jewelry whore. It is what it is. I’ve accepted it. Actually, I embrace it with every fiber of my being. It’s no surprise Little Miss, the little gal sunflower, is also a jewelry nut. She quickly outgrew three jewelry boxes within her first five years of life, and now as she turns 8 next month, she’s going to have to start thinking about paying for a home expansion to house all of her baubles. Well, some of her stuff is actually real jewelry, but most of it is baubles. Pretty, but not exactly what I’d call quality jewels! Click-Eez clickable stackable jewelry is a fine collection of baubles, but so dang cute!

Click-Eez stackable jewelry #sponsored #kidsfashion

Click-Eez Clickable Stackable Jewelry

Little Miss loved the bracelets the minute she opened them. Even though the pig’s body cracked in half on her animals collection of bracelets, and a couple of her bows cracked on her bows collection, she didn’t care one bit. There was plenty of bling to keep her satisfied. It was easy for her to stack them, click them together, un-click them, and layer them.

Five bracelets come in a pack, and the packs cost $8.99 each – we weren’t expecting high quality plastic on these bracelets. Just fun jewelry she could wear to school. If it got lost, or broke, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Well, not for most kids. If Little Miss ends up with a lost bracelet, or one that ends up completely broken, she’ll be a bit upset. The magic of these bracelets? The price tag is so low, we can buy replacements, and another couple of packs for her to enjoy and share with her friends.

click-eez stackable jewelry #sponsored #kidsfashion

Best part about Click-Eez

Inexpensive, plastic jewelry for little girls is great in and of itself. However, my favorite part of the Click-Eez brand? Their motto is “Clicking Together.” The brand is all about inclusion. No bullying. It’s all about UNITY, and sticking together. It’s not about who’s in your click, but how you click.

When you’ve got a little girl, you’re biggest concern is how she’s treated by her female peers. I remember when I was younger, and how mean girls could be. If you weren’t considered part of the “in” crowd, you were picked on. I can’t tell you how poorly so many girls who were overweight, or who wore glasses, or who didn’t have brand new clothing to wear, were treated.

Every opportunity I get to help my daughter understand bullying is wrong, I’m going to take the opportunity. I want her to know that she shouldn’t allow herself to be bullied, nor should she allow her friends to be bullied, and she certainly should never be the one bullying. If it takes a piece of jewelry that has a solid message behind it, so be it!

Have a little girl in your life? The little girl doesn’t have to be your own, it could be a niece, or a close friend. Take a look at the Click-Eez website, and pick up a couple of Click-Eez 5-packs for their stockings this holiday season!

Special note: All photos within this post were taken with the Nikon D3300, using the AF-S DX Nikkor 18-300mm f/3.5 – 6.3G ED VR lens.

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