Crayola Beadola Bead Maker

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Crayola Beadola Bead Maker #crayola #sponsored

It’s time to get the kids designing and creating their own jewelry! Crayola Beadola Bead Maker is the perfect little jewelry-making experience for kids, boys included! Big kids like me can have great fun, too. I’m not sure what it is about designing, and creating things from nothing that appeals to the kids. It’s fun to watch them while their minds are racing with ideas, and being able to find exactly the right design templates, and glitter!

Crayola Beadola Bead Maker

Did you ever take that aptitude test in school? You know the one, right? You answered a boatload of questions, and then the computer spit out your top three potential careers. Every time I took that test, Jewelry Maker was the top result. I always rolled by eyes when I saw it. Of course it would say that, I loved jewelry! I still do. Diamonds are my best friend, for sure. Especially surrounded by platinum! I never went into that line of work, but I’m creative in other areas. I do find when I’m looking for things for my daughter, I always end up near the bead kits, and jewelry making type toys. Well, Crayola Beadola Bead Maker is our latest dive into the world of creating!

Crayola put this little kit together, and it’s really cute. You kind of make your own “Pandora” type beads with clay. Pink, purple and black are the clay colors of choice. Once you’ve chosen a color, you roll it into a ball; pick between black or silver grommets to put on the bead; use the little bead maker contraption to form the bead; find a design template with your preferred design on it and roll it through. You can finish it off with some glitter glaze, perhaps a little bling with a gem, and then glaze it all over. It goes on the drying rack overnight, and VOILA! A bead is created.

Crayola Beadola Bead Maker #crayola #jewelry #sponsoredThe kit comes with two bracelet chains to place the beads onto, and that’s the whole thing. SUPER CUTE. The kids loved it, I loved it! Total three sets of two thumbs up!

My ONLY issues? First, the black clay is a bit messy. The black kind of rubs off when creating the ball you need for the bead maker, and the contraption that creates the beads doesn’t work as well as one would like it to work. It’s a bit flimsy, and it doesn’t always line up perfectly. However, it’s a toy and you can’t expect total perfection, right?

Aside from those two issues, I loved the whole process. We had a ton of fun. Totally want to get more bracelet chains to make more jewelry for EVERYONE! Totally recommend getting a Crayola Beadola Bead Maker for yourself…. I mean for your kids. Yeah, for your kids.


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