Creating cards with Neenah Astrobrights

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creating cards with astrobrights #sponsored #shopletreviews

My children. I can’t remember why it started, but for some reason they both took to making cards. I believe it happened because I wasn’t able to get to the store to buy a birthday card for someone. In a panic, I threw paper and crayons and stickers at the kids and said “hurry, make a card for the birthday party.” Ever since, creating cards instead of buying them has been the norm in this house. Their first cards were made with white copy paper from our printer. All high class up in this joint, right? I stepped it up for the next cards, those were made out of construction paper we had left over from some project at school. After that, I went a step further and scored some blank cards in the clearance bin at our local craft store. Well, those got boring.

White again, mom? Really? Can’t we get some color once in a while?

Creating cards with Neenah Astrobrights

My kids aren’t shy with their opinions. Annoying, but exactly like their mommy, so I can’t really be upset with them, right? Right. After their belly aching about the white, I hooked these brats up with some awesome colored card stock! Now, they’re creating cards with Neenah Astrobrights colored card stock. Oh yeah. It’s now officially high-end all the way for these creative souls.

creating cards with astrobrights #sponsored #shopletreviews

Colors are bright, beautiful and the stock is the perfect thickness. It doesn’t crack when you fold it over making a card out of it. I hate when you fold a piece of card stock, and the top of the fold, is all crackly and wrinkly. Looks terrible, and just irks me.

creating cards #shopletreviews #sponsored

How can anyone not love a homemade birthday card from these little monkeys? Beautiful work on beautiful colored card stock.

creating cards #sponsored #shopletreviews

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