Cushion their first day back to school with Hanes®

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Kids are heading back to school soon, and with hot days going well into November these days, it’s important to keep kids cool and fresh each day. Start with back to school shopping. Cushion their first day back to school with Hanes, and basically all of their school days, right? Socks, underwear and tees, are all important pieces to every kid’s wardrobe. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of these key items helps keep kids comfortable? I think so!

Cushion their first day back to school with Hanes

Cushion their first day back to school with Hanes®

If you think only boys get sweaty, and stink, you’re mistaken. I’ve a little girl, as well as, a little boy. Each child plays sports, and trust me, they sweat and, shockingly, sweat stinks no matter if it’s on a girl, or a boy. Socks…. those are the worst. I will say this, my son’s socks do stink much worse than my daughter’s.

However, even without sports, these kids sweat. Our schools don’t have air conditioning in most of their classrooms. Our Septembers on Long Island used to be cooler when I was a kid, so it wasn’t a big deal. Now? Now the 90+ degree weather goes well into the first week of October. It’s insane, and our schools are not prepared for this weather phenomenon. Kids come out of school looking like they’ve been in a sauna all day.

Even better? The heating system throughout the school ends up making their winter months just as hot, but the teachers have the ability to cool the rooms off by opening up some windows. Cold air from the winter months help cool everyone off, so the big problem are the first couple of months back to school. Sure, the end of the year is hot, too, but these days, that’s normally June for a couple of weeks. Grin and deal with it, right?

When clothes stick to sweaty bodies

I don’t know about you guys, but when clothes stick to sweaty bodies, it’s not comfortable. Tees, shorts, and, of course, underwear! You know it happens, don’t deny it. It sucks to have sticky everything during the school day. Thankfully, Hanes® gives a little more comfort to the hotter days. Between the X-temp® and FreshIQ™ technologies in their X-Temp® options for kids of all ages (even the ones big enough to wear adult sizes,) kids stay comfortable and stylish.

I, for one, know my son is a huge fan of his Hanes® Ultimate™ X-Temp® Boys’ Boxer Briefs with Comfort Flex® Waistband. I get a lot less complaints when he wears these over the summer months, and a lot less “adjusting” going on, too. Little Miss is a lady, and I know she loves feeling fresh in her Hanes® X-Temp hipsters. As she is approaching those teen years….. you know where I’m going with this. Bodies change, and we need comfortable, breathable underthings!

We wear a lot of Hanes® as a family, and we’re fans. Underwear, socks and tees for the win for each of us.

Back to School comfort with Hanes

Hanes® Back to School Comfort Kit Giveaway

Who wants to win a little something for the upcoming back-to-school shopping? You’re in luck. I’ve teamed up with Hanes® to offer a fantastic giveaway for one lucky winner!

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***Styles will include selections with Hanes® X-Temp® and FreshIQ™ technologies to keep kids cool and fresh all day

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