Custom cases for phones and tablets

I get attached to my electronics. I’m the last person to run out and get a new phone, or tablet, just because it’s new. Getting the newest version of tech isn’t high on my priority list. It’s nothing against the new technology, I’m sure it’s fabulous. The issue I have? Phones are getting too big, and tablets cost too much! My cute little Samsung phone fit right into my little pocket. I don’t carry a purse, just use pockets. I like a phone that can slip into my pocket, is that so wrong? Well, I don’t know if you’ve seen the newest Samsung Galaxy, but it’s the size of a small tablet. It’s not for me. Luckily, I was able to get a Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S3 is still manageable for me. It can slip into most of my pockets, but the issue I ran into was finding a case for it. Apparently, my phone is so obsolete, stores don’t want to sell cases for it anymore. Just the Galaxy S4 and later.

Custom cases for phones and tablets

What’s a woman to do with her brand new Samsung Galaxy S3, which took all of her strength to purchase, because she still loved her little Samsung Victory? Well, she goes online and hunts for a case that won’t cost a fortune; isn’t pink; and doesn’t make the phone even larger! Sorry Otterbox, you make the phone even bigger! It took me a couple of days, but I finally found what I was looking for!

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Do you love it? I adore it. It’s perfect for me, and my obsolete Samsung Galaxy S3. Slim, pretty and didn’t cost a fortune! I happen to catch a sale. I’m sure they have them all through the year. Who is they? Oh, MyCustomCase.com is the who! There’s more than just cases to put your own pictures onto, trust me. My favorite is obviously the use your own picture cases, but there’s plenty of others you can customize.

The best part about MyCustomCase.com? Customer service! They responded to my email within minutes of me emailing them a question about my order, and were amazingly helpful. I even got the case earlier than the estimated date it was suppose to be shipped out! It was due to ship on the 15th of December, and I got it on the 11th of December. SWEET!!!!

Even if you’re not as cool as me, with your totally outdated Samsung Galaxy S3, and you have a much more up-to-date phone, or tablet, there’s options! Impressive quality cases, great prices, and outstanding customer service – trifecta of shopping awesomeness.

You’re welcome for finding it!!!! Let me know if you order something, and what you thought of their website!

*I purchased case. It was not provided to me, nor was I paid for this review.

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