Dealspotr helps shoppers save money

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Dealspotr is the place helping shoppers save money, and time! If you’re looking for ways to save money using coupons and promo codes, it’s one of the most well-organized deal websites online. Plus, you can earn gift cards for yourself, too. Shop, share deals, be active in the community, and earn gift cards? I know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s totally legit. Come on, I’ll show you what the deal is with Dealspotr…..

Dealspotr helps shoppers save money [spon]


Dealspotr helps shoppers save money

Yes, the main reason Dealspotr exists is to help shoppers save money. It’s a community of deal finders, deal lovers, and shoppers on a mission to save their hard-earned cash. So many stores, so many deals, so much savings taking place. It’s heaven for smart, focused shoppers, but it also works for those out there totally lost on how to save money while they shop online. It’s an organized site, that pays attention to valid deal, and promo codes.

Would you love to know what sets Dealspotr apart from all of the coupon sites on the world wide web? Dealspotr requires a screenshot of the deal. Basically, when new people join, to gain trust in the community of deal posters, Dealspotr asks for a screenshot of the promo code “in use.” What’s this mean? It means use the promo code, and screenshot when it shows it is valid during the check out process. Share the screenshot when posting your deal. The community only works well if everyone has shown they know what they’re doing. If you can’t demonstrate the code has been tested, and validated, the community isn’t going to want your new deals on the site. You’ve got to earn your stripes, people.

Pretty fantastic, right? With so many invalid codes on so many other coupon sites, Dealspotr is dedicated to providing amazing deals, that work. I’m a huge fan of websites that are dedicated to making everyone’s shopping experience fierce as all get out! Plus, if you find a deal that no longer works, you can earn points for flagging it, alerting the community to stay away from it, and for the poster to remove it. Which leads me to the other reason Dealspotr is quickly becoming my favorite shopping tool of choice!

You earn points! Points that can be traded in for gift cards. Say what now? Oh yeah, oh yeah. You earn points for sharing deals, spotting deals, flagging deals that no longer work, going through a fun checklist prepared for you each day, referring new members, and more. You can post any link, promo code or printable coupon, that provides a valid discount on a retailer’s website, or in-store. For posting a single deal, the points you can earn ranges from approximately 30 points to 800 points. If you stumble upon hard to find deals at highly desirable stores, you can earn more points. Of course, as referenced earlier, you can also earn points if you correctly identify a deal that does not work, or is invalid, and flag it.

Whenever a new member joins using your referral link, or code, they become your referral. What’s the benefit of having referrals? Oh, well, it means you not only earn points for them signing up, but you’ll earn 10% of the lifetime points they earn. After you join using my Dealspotr referral link, you’ll be hooked up with 5,000 points. Yes, 5K just for signing up. Once you reach 10,000 points you can redeem them for a $10 Amazon gift card

If you’re wondering about the Hot, and On Fire, deals, let me explain. Hot Deals, and On Fire Deals, highlight the best deals, based on interest, and feedback. If a deal posted becomes popular, it will become Hot first, then On Fire. Hot deals will earn additional points for the poster. On Fire deals earn the poster a higher point bonus. However, you can also earn points just for identifying hot, and on fire, deals.

Each day, you’re provided with a limited set of 5 “spots.” These “spots” can be used to vote on other member’s deals. If you are an early spotter of a deal that becomes Hot, or On Fire, you earn points. If you are one of the first people to spot a hot, or on fire deal, the more points you earn. If you spot multiple deals accurately, that become Hot, or On Fire, you will increase the number of daily “spots” assigned to you each day. Dealspotr likes to reward those who are involved, and truly committed to deals!

Dealspotr is so committed to its community members, it’s now going to be allowing point earning when you leave comments on deals. Even more impressive? When shoppers use a deal you post, you’ll earn points. New ways to earn points are constantly being added, which shows Dealspotr’s commitment to helping shoppers save money, but also earn gift cards to help ease those shopping trip expenses!

People on Dealspotr are dedicated, and I have yet to be able to post my own deal onto the website. I’m hoping I find one soon, that no one else has found first, and posted. It’s kind of my mission now, and I will do it one day. I’m just not fast enough! However, when I finally get one up, you’ll be able to hear me scream in victory wherever you are. I promise! Until then, come and join me, and save money, and perhaps get deals posted before me, like everyone else has been!

Join with my referral code NOVSUNFLOWER, or with my Dealspotr referral link.

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