Decorating an office is much like decorating your home

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First impressions are significant in all areas of life. The first impression someone gets when they enter your office can have an impact on how confident they feel about your professional abilities. Decorating an office is much like decorating your home. After you spend considerable time and money choosing the large items such as your office desk and chair and the furniture that clients will be sitting in, it’s likely that the most frequently noticed part of your office will be the accent pieces you include in the design.

A cluttered, disorganized office does not make a positive impression on those who enter. A collection of books on topics relevant to your business can be attractively confined between two gorgeous globe style bookends. Another impressive idea is to use a collection of classic novels as office decor. Placed between two antique gold horse bookends, your book collection can become a conversation starter or an eye-catching artistic display.

You can easily find some decorative storage boxes that are an excellent way to keep an office organized. By selecting boxes that complement your office decor, you have a unified, functional, organized office space that is sure to impress all who enter. Book boxes are a perfect office accessory.

Your business card is one of your most important connections to clients and to potential clients. Displaying your business cards in an impressive way is far more professional than just having them lying around in little stacks. A distinctive business card holder should be one of your priorities when choosing accent items for your office.

An online company, such as Bombay Company, has numerous items available to help you create an impressive and functional office. Accents at Bombay include an assortment of items that can take your office decor up a level on the professionally impressive scale. A decorative magnifying glass and letter opener would look quite impressive on your desk or accent table. An attractive glove on a stand or a collection of mini globes would add some Old World charm to your office decor.

It’s good to have something in your office that can serve as a conversation starter. Accent pieces such as birdcage bookends, tabletop binoculars on a stand, a unique bulldog bust statue or a photo collage desk pad are all excellent accent items that can get a conversation going with a client. Keep in mind, most often it’s the accent pieces that visitors will notice and remember. Setting up a situation that results in them remembering a pleasant or interesting conversation they had with you may be the key to securing them as a client or customer.

Regardless of what type of business you are in, the appearance of your office will impact the opinion of clients. It is important to choose accent pieces that exude professionalism and make a positive impression on everyone who comes into your office.

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