Derek Cardigan Glasses do go on sale!

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I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m happy I no longer have to wear regular glasses. I choose to protect my eyes with sunglasses, and quality is always a huge bonus for me. First choice is Derek Cardigan, because the quality is fantastic for the prices. When my regular glasses wearing friends ask me what to buy, and where to buy, I normally guide them to Coastal.com. Here’s why!

Coastal.com has an amazing program where they donate one pair of glasses to a person in need when someone purchases a pair of Derek Cardigan glasses. How can you not love this concept? It’s pure gold. Scratch that, it’s pure platinum. Quality in my eyes (no pun intended) is not just about the brands, but also about who those brands align themselves with, and what the powerhouses do for the community, or those in need.

Designer Eyeglasses are usually super expensive, however Derek Cardigan has some sales. Actually all of Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses are decent prices, I must admit. The quality, the relationship with Coastal.com, how they give back to the world in even just their own way of a free pair of glasses to someone out there who needs a pair. It’s just all pure awesome.

Just because it’s designer, doesn’t mean they don’t have some wicked good sales. I found three pairs, which I love, that are on sale right now. The black ones…they kind of remind me of Dean Cain when he portrayed Clark Kent/Superman in that show, Lois & Clark. Oh yeah, BIG FAN.

Coastal Derek Cardigan 7012

Coastal Derek Cardigan 7004

Coastal Derek Cardigan 7003

If Alicia Keys can wear them in her music video “Brand New Me,” I’m pretty sure Derek Cardigan has MADE IT in the world of style. Alicia got all kinds of style, and is one of the few ladies I look to for inspiration. And man, those black ones…..just brings me back to Dean Cain and how he rocked them as Clark Kent.

Styles I enjoy, prices I don’t mind paying, and giving back to those in need. It’s a TRIFECTA of fabulous.

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