Dog lover holiday gift ideas

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Need a little help thinking of dog lover holiday gift ideas? I grew up as a dog owner for my entire life. Following the passing of my fur baby in August of 2016, I became a pet sitter. I know what pet lovers want for the holidays for their little fur babies.

Dog lover holiday gift ideas

Perfect dog lover holiday gift ideas

The “new puppy” owner

Holidays. We all know someone bringing a new fur baby into the home for the holidays. People love to give new puppies, or kittens, or even a guinea pig, as a holiday gift. I get it. A big bow on the collar, and it’s the gift that brings the biggest smiles to a child’s face. Legit gift, as long as you’re all heading into the commitment with open minds, and armed with tons of pet ownership reality.

A new bed. Plenty of puppy food. Lots of potty pads for the house. Cute little sweaters for the cold weather. Sparkly new leash to match the new collar. However, there’s something missing. A unique, one of a kind gift everyone in the family will love, cherish, and fight over rights to use.

It’s a beautiful Capture Life’s Big Moments Keepsake Memento 

Dog owners who’ve been around the block

A legit fur parent loves to show their puppy loving pride. What’s the best way to show this pride? With a t-shirt, of course! Trudog has t-shirts for not just dog mommies, but also dog daddies. You’re going to want to check out the full selection of Trudog’s t-shirts for dog parents.

Once you’ve had a dog for a bit of time, it becomes more about the pet receiving something, not so much the “owner” or pet parent. All pet owners want their fur babies acknowledged. Yes, even those who’ve been around the block on the journey of being a fur parent. Trust me. Mom always gave the family dogs gifts for the holidays, and each dog had his, or her, own holiday stocking on her mantle. Our dogs are family members.

So, what does one get a fur dog?

I find most dog parents don’t update their dog’s ID tags often. It’s never the first thing on the mind of a pet parent. However, tags get older, and do need to be replaced throughout the years. Dogs chew on them, and just regular wear and tear, makes it difficult to read. I’m partial to the ones with crystals, but you know, that’s just me. There’s a large selection of custom ID tags on Trudog to choose from.

Raw food diet

If you’re a dog owner yourself, whilst shopping at Trudog, definitely check out their huge selection of raw food products. Once I’m ready to venture into being a dog mom again, I’m going to go for the raw food diet for my dog. Research shows it’s a beneficial diet for dogs for gums, gut and immune system. It’s a definite eye opener for me!

TruDog - Freeze Dried Raw Superfood - dog lover holiday gift

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