DohVinci is the only Play-Doh allowed in this house

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Quite simply DohVinci vanity is the only Play-Doh allowed in this house.

All the moms out there know why. If you don’t know why, allow me to explain what I mean about the Play-Doh. Play-Doh is not welcome inside of our home. A total ban on that stuff inside the house. Play-Doh is played with OUTSIDE, so it can’t get stuck in our rugs, carpets, throw rugs, area rugs, tile floors that have grout, and on our hardwood floors. Why? Because once it’s stuck in all of these places, you can’t get it out. The rug will always have the “electric pink” color embedded into it. The grout in our tiles has the bright green stuck in it forever. Oh, and the shockingly bright orange that my daughter loves so much – yeah, that’s stuck in between the floor boards of my hardwood floors.

DohVinci is the only Play-Doh allowed in this house

Play-Doh caused not only issues with being embedded forever into my carpets, floors and tiles. It was also something my kids constantly asked me “Can we save it, Mommy?” Every time the kids created something with Play-Doh they wanted to save it. WHAT?!!! It’s the issue all of us moms with creative kids have. I get it. They want to save all of their creations. Well, kids, Play-Doh creations aren’t meant to be “saved,” they’re meant to be squashed back down and put back into their little containers. END.OF.STORY. Your little tears won’t help. Just shove it back in the container and stop the nonsense.

Play-Doh finally created an amazing new product. There’s no more containers of molding compound in bright colors, but rather little cylinders that can be used with a stylus. Bright colors and pastel colors can be placed inside of the stylus, and used to decorate anything a child wants to decorate. Have a frame, a plastic water bottle, a glass, or basically any kind of wooden trinket found at any craft store? PERFECT. Decorate it with the beautiful DohVinci modeling design compound!

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It’s 3D art! Kids love it, adults love it, too. I’ve created a frame with DohVinci. I’m not afraid to admit it! I totally love working on projects with the kids. One of my favorite parts of using DohVinci is that if you make a mistake, you can wipe it off and re-do the design. Perfect for me, since I make mistakes ALL the time. Once everything is decorated, and everyone’s happy with the results, the art work just has to dry overnight and BAM! You’ve got a custom designed 3D artwork.

I no longer have to see sad faces when asked “can you save this Mommy?” Just happy faces the next day after it’s dried for 24 hours. It’s also not stuck in my carpets. Scoring on all counts here.

I’ve even gotten in on the creativity action!!!!

My beautiful creation! #hasbronyc has the coolest toys!!!!! #litzky ladies throw a good party!

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Happy kids, happy moms, and the less than $20 price makes daddy extremely happy! Check it out, and perhaps buy it for the little people in your life, on Amazon.com by clicking on the image below!

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