Fridays are better to refrain from shopping

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Fridays are good for so many reasons. The end of the work week being the top of the list on why Fridays rule. Totally get it. My work week is rather odd, so I don’t have the same passion for Fridays…..

Another fantastic reason for many out there, it is still payday for many workers. Companies have changed this over the years. I get paid on Mondays from my company, and I know many people are receiving their direct deposits on any given day of the week. However, Fridays are still rather popular for getting paid. It kind of gets some into trouble, because when you’ve got cash in your pocket…..well, you tend to want to spend it.

Shopping is not a good way to spend your Fridays. The best you can do on a Friday is head online to buy accessories. Look at scarves, belts, ties…….even socks. There’s discounts online, and actually in a lot of stores, too. However, on the whole, unless you are shopping the clearance/mark down areas of a store, with an amazing 50% off coupon in your hands……stay away from the “so-called” huge weekend sales. Stick to your guns, and shop during the week for your clothing, or shoes, or handbags.

IF, however, you find that your favorite stores tend to mark down a huge amount of inventory on Thursdays, and they combine it with a sale…….by all means, head out and shop away.

Again, PAY ATTENTION TO store cycles. Just the stores you love, there’s no need to learn all the markdown cycles in your entire area. You’ll drive yourself ape shit crazy.

It goes for Black Friday, too. Unless you have something super specific you want, stay home and let the other nuts shop. Sales will be rather good all season long, and the stress level won’t be as high! And there’s always Cyber Monday!!!

Moral of this post? Hang out at home on Fridays, or head out with friends to enjoy a night out, but avoid shopping if you can. Almost everyone else waits until Friday to shop, and the stores kind of know this……and aren’t putting their best stuff out there with great prices. Just sayin’.

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