Funkiest Backpack found at Momtrends PLUS more #BTSStyle fun

Disclosure: I attended the Back-to-School event with Momtrends. I wasn’t required to write anything about the event, or the products. It was my choice to write about the products, and I chose products that blew me away. As always, my opinions are MINE and mine alone. Enjoy my online content!

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Confession time……I’m a backpack junkie. I’ve got a lot of them, and I’m not afraid to use them. Ironically, when I was a kid, I hate backpacks. They reminded me of school, and I hated school. I avoided backpacks throughout my youth……and now, as an adult, with kids, I’m a fan. BIG FAN. Even the kids have little ones they can carry for our trips into the city, or string ones they use to put their swimsuits, towels, and sunblock in!

It was no surprise when I migrated toward them at the most recent #Momtrends #Back-to-School event I attended on the corner of Broadway and Bleecker, in NYC at #FreshmadeNYC.

#Freshmade NYC

My eyes lit up when I saw Mad Pax. How could they not light up? Look at these beauties!

#MadPax BackpacksThe creator, Tina, wanted her kid to go to school with a killer backpack when he first started school. No character-driven ones, no trendy hiking ones…..a unique, and fun backpack that fit his personality. She created one that looked kind of like a dinosaur, with spikes. Years later, it’s still her most sought after design! The packs come in different sizes, and there’s even a lunch box sized one, too. The prices range from a full pack that’ll run you around $60, down to the Might Bites that cost about $15. The quality of the packs is BEYOND worth the price tag.

Personally, I scored a New Kid on the Blok in half pack size, in my daughter’s favorite color! That’s right, ORANGE! She calls it “Pass the OJ.” And by SHE, I mean Tina Huber, the Mad Scientist behind #MadPax. Since the kids have already gotten their backpacks for this year, we’re going to get the kids The Nibbler™ for their lunches…..I cannot wait! So dang cute! I’ve been using the new half pack sized backpack since I got it. It’s lightweight, comfortable on my back, and shoulders, and the half sized one holds a lot of stuff….I’m beyond thrilled with it!

Once I got over my fixation at Mad Pax, I found my other passion……OFFICE SUPPLIES. As many of you know, I’m big on getting lost in office supply stores for hours. My husband hates when I tell him I’ve got to run to Staples, or Office Max. He shudders at the thought of how much money I’ll spend on office supplies…..most ladies, they love shoe stores, or shopping for clothing. ME? I’m an office supplies whore. The prettier the supplies, the more I ache for them. Probably how most women feel about shoes when they walk into a killer shoe store……so picture me in all my splendor checking out Office Candy!


As you can imagine, I was on ADDICTION OVERLOAD at this point……and I was loving it. Awesome backpacks, outstanding office supplies. I really didn’t want to leave this little area of the event, but the place wasn’t a huge space, there were a lot of us there, and I had to go check out the cutest little display of Funny Faces!

#FunnyFace at #momtrends

Have you ever heard of flavored cranberries before? I’d never even thought it was possible. My kids eat those fruit snacks, which I’m not a huge fan of, but it’s one of the only “bad foods” they consume each day. When I saw these sitting there, looking all cute, and next to some rather delicious cookies, I had to inquire! Apparently, Funny Face Flavored Dried Cranberries are just that, dried cranberries with flavors like Grape, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Cherry infused into them. In my head I was excited, because perhaps I could get my kids eating these instead of fruit snacks. All I saw were large bags of the product, so I asked: Do you guys put these into smaller snack bags, to throw in a lunch box or something?

The answer was YES! You’ll learn a bit more about these little goodies tomorrow on the blog, and you’ll have the chance to win some, too! Woohoo!

I was sent home with a goodie bag, filled with wonderful items. Trust me, I was excited. What I loved the most? If you’ve got a little girl at home, with long hair, you’ll understand why this was my favorite item in the goodie bag, beyond the Mad Pax Half Pack and my Funny Face packs of flavor! It’s the Knot Genie.


When you look at my daughter, you’d think she has super thin hair, because it’s so straight. Well, it’s not. It’s rather thick, and the knots can get a bit out of hand. She actually stopped brushing her hair each morning, and before bed, because she didn’t want to deal with the knots. What’d that mean for me? I had to do it once I realized she wasn’t doing it herself, which turned into a rather difficult scene! She’s not a “cry over this” kind of kid, but she does become rather bratty and vocal about the whole situation. I’d prefer the crying, to be honest.

When I whipped this bad boy out, first I cringed because it’s pink, and then I realized what it was. I grabbed Little Miss, dragged her to the bathroom, and showed her the new brush. She loved the color (BARF,) and HAPPILY let me test it out on her. She hasn’t stopped using it since, and The Boy uses it as well. Again, no one realizes how thick his hair is, either! It gets just as knotted up as big sister’s does.

Big thumbs on for this one. Is it PERFECT? No, but it sure as heck cuts down on the pain of brushing through knots. Brushes and combs don’t do as good a job as the #KnotGenie does. TRUST me on this one, so if you’re wondering if you should get it – GET IT. It’s worth every last $20 you’ll spend!

Going back to school was never my favorite time of the year, but when I get to check out all the latest “awesome-ness” with #momtrends at their annual #BTSstyle event….well, it makes it much easier on my psyche! The kids will be stylin’ on their first day of school in September.

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