Gifts Moms will love. If she doesn’t, too bad, these are all customized!

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Gifts Moms will love. If she doesn’t, too bad, these are all customized! We all know we try every year to get the perfect gift for our mother, and more often than not, from the look on her face, you fail. It is what it is. This year, she’ll have to love something from this list, because she can’t return any of them. They’re customized!

Gifts mom will love. If she doesn't, too bad, these are all customized!

Gifts Moms will love. If she doesn’t, too bad, these are all customized!Stella & Dot


When it doubt, just get mom a gorgeous canvas with her grandkids on it. Perhaps, even, a photo of her fur babies. Honestly, once you moved out, the dogs became her heart. It happens to all of us, just get over it and get her something she wants: a canvas with her fur babies to hang on the wall. Now, if you’ve procreated, perhaps steal her heart by getting a canvas with her fur babies and grand babies.

Head over to canvaspop.com and order something special she cannot return! Well, I guess she could if she really wanted to….. but who returns a photo canvas of the fur babies, or the grand kids? NOBODY!!!


By customized, I mean, she can’t cancel it because it’s a year long membership. HA! Plus, she can use it to customize her images of her grandkids, because let’s face it, once you have your own kids – you’re no longer special. The grandkids you’ve produced shoot right up to the top of her love list. Plus, she can create awesome images, then head to CanvasPop and go wild ordering more prints to hang on her walls!

It’s a total win, and I doubt, once you show her how it works, she’ll even think twice about not using it! Definitely go order her PicMonkey for Mother’s Day. Be prepared to teach her how to use it, though. And, to write down her username and password. You know she’ll be calling you every time she goes to use it if you don’t!

Pictures on Gold

I don’t know how all your  moms are, but my mom is a jewelry lover. She basically wears all of her jewelry all at one time. Well, not so much on her hangs anymore, but her necklaces are always on. Just piles of them. Before her heart attack and stroke, she had bracelets, and rings, stacked up, too. Now, not so much. Just the necklaces. Cracks me up. Her favorite pieces are the ones with personal photos on them.

Figure if my mom loves that stuff, some other moms out there might also love jewelry with photos on them! Mother’s Day jewelry has more than just pictures on gold. There are other ways to personalize the jewelry found on Pictures on Gold, I promise! Check them out!

Whatever you decide to purchase, just know, as a mom, I love anything my kids get me. I do. Just because they gave it to me. However, there are some gifts I prefer over others….. just like your mom, and my mom! It’s more likely mom will smile a bit brighter if the gifts given jive with her personality, and interests. Keep that as your focus, and you’ll be fine!

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