Give the gift of Maven

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I’m addicted to Julep. Their polishes are all I wear now, and my daughter, too. We’re a Julep loving twosome, for sure. It’s so much fun each month, when our box comes in. I know what we’re getting, because I get to adjust my box if I don’t love their selections for me. Little Miss? She has to wait to see what’s in the box when it shows up in our mailbox. Her request for the end of the year gift for her multitude of teachers (school, dance, etc.) is to hook them up with a box of their own.

Give the gift of Maven

Our first box came with awesome goodies, plus I added a few extra since the main box cost me nothing. I got it free. It’s so worth it, if you’re a lover of nail polish, awesome skin care products, hair care products, and so much more!

Teachers get the same damn things at the end of the year, every year. They also get lame holiday gifts, too. Change it up this year! Give them a unique gift they’ll go crazy over. Even if they get their nails done at a salon, guess what? You can bring your own polish to the salons! Julep.com has some of the most gorgeous colored polishes anywhere, plus they are EXCLUSIVE to us Mavens, and they are free of many harmful ingredients in many other polishes: formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, camphor and animal ingredients or byproducts. It’s just nice to buy good things for those teachers!

Girls going off to college? How awesome would it be to check your college mailbox and find this amazing treat waiting for you? Girls will be giddy with delight! If you know a young woman who finally moved out of her mom and dad’s house? Getting a sweet treat from Julep.com would make her smile, especially since she probably won’t be hitting the salon for a mani/pedi anytime soon! New home, new budget!

Julep.com has so much more than polishes, too. I just got the most amazing dry shampoo I will never be able to live without! And the Plie Wand™ is beyond awesome. Don’t let another woman in your life miss out.

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