Globes full of glitter and cuteness

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Who doesn’t love globes full of glitter and cuteness? Moms, Dads, kids of all ages – there’s just something fun about a “snow globe.” I’m still not sure what it is, but the ones with glitter are so much better than the ones that just have the white snow type stuff. Every airport sells them, every place you visit all around the world has a shop in the city that sells a globe filled with water, a skyline, or a scenic view….and some kind of glitter, or SOMETHING that when you shake the globe around, goes into a storm across the glass globe!

My kids got to make their own with Glitzi Globes! I’m easily amused, perhaps, but we had fun and continue to have fun shaking our globes (yeah, it’s nice to not be the only one with globes to shake in the house <WINK, WINK.>

Globes of glitter

What does one do on a kind of boring Sunday afternoon, while Daddy watches football? You make globes filled with water and glitter, that’s what! It’s simple to use, and not messy. SCORE. Just take everything out of the box, open it all up, and fill the bottle with water. The rest is all up to the kids. It couldn’t be any easier!

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The kids got to make a large globe, along with smaller ones. My favorite part? There’s a place to stick all of it in the showcase stand. LOVE IT. The kids can shake them all up, and put them back int he showcase stand. No water globes around the house to cause issues. Our next purchase will end up being the starter kit, because that comes with globes you can wear. NO, not those kinds of globes. This is a family show, here, people. No, these globes are bracelets, and rings, and necklaces – OH MY!

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An amazing aspect of these globes truly is the mess-free aspect. Even the glitter is mess-free. Cubes of glitter are plopped into the dome with water, and they dissolve. No worrying about glitter bottles all over the place, and if you’ve got a little girl at home, you know how glitter just ends up in every crevice of a house. It gets in hair, under finger nails, and in places you didn’t know glitter could get into. I’ll spare you the details!

Every last kit is priced under $20, and each kit can be found at any store that sells toys. Plus, you can find the entire line of globes online. Rainy days, snowy days (have you seen the amount of acorns from the trees?) and on days when the kids have spent too much time in front of the television – break out the Glitzi Globes. Even I love them – glitter and all!

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