Alleviate holiday shopping stress

Alleviate holiday shopping stress for good, because when it comes to enjoying the Christmas season, it’s all about:

  • hot apple cider
  • fragrant trees
  • holiday music
  • time with family and friends

If shopping doesn’t make your list, a smart plan can ensure you spend your time relaxing instead of hunting for sales. You can never start Christmas shopping too early! The more you do ahead of time, the less stress you’ll have in December.

Alleviate holiday shopping stress

Tips to alleviate holiday shopping stress

Consider some of these strategies to help you get your shopping done during the other 11 months of the year.

Shop year-round

Many people swear by this strategy. Shopping throughout the year give you plenty of chances to lookout for great deals. Snatch up:

  • toys
  • electronics
  • books

as well as other gift items throughout the year as you find the perfect items on sale. In some cases you may not even know who the gift is going to be for when you buy it. However, if it’s something you know a your friend or family member would enjoy, you can get it during the year and tuck it away until Christmas.

Use layaway

Many big retailers have dropped their layaway fees in recent years, which makes this strategy a great one for those on a tight budget. Decide on the big-ticket items you want to buy this year, such as an Xbox, television or camera, and put them on layaway now so you can start paying for them. Rather than waiting until the last minute and putting a purchase on your credit card, where you’ll pay interest for months or even years, use layaway to help out your budget.

Get out early

Mall parking becomes a mess as soon as Thanksgiving hits, so take care of your shopping a month or two early to avoid the crowds. Stores often sell out of the most popular items, so you’ll also have the benefit of the best selection if you take care of your shopping before the masses come out in full force. When you finish shopping before Thanksgiving rolls around, you spend your holiday season enjoying time with family and friends.

Be quick about it

Having a good plan makes any project easier. When it comes to shopping, a shopping list is key. When you plan out your list beforehand. you can be quick and focused while shopping, so you’ll be less likely to end up overspending on things you don’t need. Last-minute desperation rarely produces good gifts, so be deliberate about thinking through your gift list. Make a game plan, and stick to it.

For early shoppers, be sure to find a safe corner of the attic or an out-of-the-way closet so stash your goodies. Have one centralized hiding place: you won’t forget about gifts you already bought, so no double-buying. If you really want to avoid the holiday gift chaos, you can even wrap items as you buy them so they’re all ready to give. Just make sure to put a gift tag on each one so you don’t forget who it’s for. Find an old Christmas card envelope into which you can tuck receipts, so they will stay organized and at hand. A little pre-planning can save you headaches and help you enjoy your holiday season.

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Note from November Sunflower: See, I’m not the only one that shops all year round for the holidays! It saves me time, money, and aggravation! Rock on all my year-round holiday shoppers.

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