Haggling isn’t just for flea markets and garage sales

Haggling it's not just for flea markets & garage sales anymore #shopping #holidayshopping #haggleprices

Chances are that you’ve walked into a store, and picked up an item only to look at the price tag, and quickly set the item back on the shelf.  You’d rather wait for a sale instead of paying full price, no matter how much you needed the item. Instead of waiting, why not try haggling?   Many stores are willing to work with you on a price.  Oftentimes any sale is better than no sale!  Haggling is not limited to flea markets and garage sales.  Many big name department stores haggle, too!

Haggling isn’t just for flea markets and garage sales

Before beginning your haggling spree, make sure to research the products you hope to purchase.  Look at recent sale ads and use an app such as RedLaser to determine recent pricing.

Any Store

If you’ve missed a recent sale, make sure to ask an associate if the sale price is still an option.  Stores often stock a sale item more heavily, and may be anxious to move it.

Craft and Home Improvement Stores

Most stores will match a competitor’s pricing, and some will even accept a direct competitor’s coupon.  Craft, and home improvement stores often put out percent off coupons.  In many areas, Michael’s will accept A.C. Moore coupons and vice versa.  The same is true with Home Depot and Lowe’s.  In some areas, these stores will accept local competitor’s prices, too!


If an item is on clearance, ask the department manager their best price on the item.  Some large home improvement store’s department managers can deduct up to 20% without consulting a store manager.  If 20% isn’t good enough, ask for the store manager.   If they don’t budge, ask them what day the item will be marked down further.

If an item isn’t on clearance, but the item packaging shows visible damage, ask for a discount.

Companies that Use Daily Deals Sites

You’ve probably purchased a gift card for a restaurant, spa, medical treatment, or local attraction from a daily deals site.  But did you know that many companies will honor that pricing WITHOUT the gift card?

When a company advertises with a daily deals site, they are asked to provide the item at 50% off.  The daily deals sites keep 50% of that for advertising fees, leaving the company with only a 25% return.  When providing you the discount directly, they will still gain a customer from the advertising and will receive the full 50% of the gift card.


Electronics are an ever evolving market.  Many big box stores are full of demo models, open box items, returns, overstock, and scratch & dent items.  Stores want these gone!  Always ask for a discount.

Floor Models

If an item is out of stock, ask about the floor model.  Often, an item is out of stock because a newer model is coming out.  Some stores will discount 10%, 20%, or even sell the floor model at cost plus a small markup.


Furniture stores are very anxious for your business.  When shopping at a furniture store, sticker price should NEVER be final price.  Compare models ,and pricing, with other stores and always ask for a custom quote.  Floor models are often sold at a discount to make room for a new style.

Home Appliances

Many big box stores will accept a competitor’s pricing and/or coupon.  Some even offer a low price guarantee.  A low price guarantee may mean that they will match the exact price, but some stores will also throw in an additional discount (normally 10% of the price difference) for your trouble.

Don’t be so quick to skip the smaller local stores.  They often will match a big box store’s price, and throw in free delivery, installation, or old appliance haul off.

Haggling can be a way to save a tremendous amount of money on items that you need.  You can haggle on nearly everything?  If the price point isn’t quite where you’d like, it can’t hurt to ask!

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