How do you even know what to buy on Black Friday?

#blackfriday #shopblackfridayIt’s easy to get overwhelmed by the Black Friday deals.  Every year the ads get bigger and the prices seem to increase.  In recent years, many Black Friday prices can be beat throughout the season by online retailers.
This year, stores are pulling out all of the stops.  This is the most cutthroat competition I’ve seen in nearly ten years.  With all of the gimmicks, information overload, and countless indecipherable promotions, how do you even know what to buy?

There are some things that are always great deals on Black Friday, and there are others that may seem like a fantastic deal that are almost guaranteed to drop in price later in the shopping season.

What you should buy on Black Friday:
•    Pajamas
•    Sheets
•    Socks
•    Jeans
•    Work Coats
•    Classic Toys (Hot Wheels, Legos)
•    Baby Toys
•    Board Games
•    DVDs and Blurays
•    Video Games
•    Gaming Systems
•    Photo Frames
•    Small Appliances (Coffee Pots, Crockpots, Toasters, Mixers)
•    Vacuum Cleaners
•    Tool Sets
•    Shop Vacs

What you shouldn’t buy:
Dirt Cheap Televisions: Many of the TVs in the sale ads are at unbelievable prices. These TVs often have a very short lifespan. They also may be lacking in picture quality and input/output ports.
Many of these are often defective upon opening.  Because they sell out so quickly, you will be eligible for a refund, but are unlikely to be exchanged.
Adult Bicycles: Some of the big box stores offer bicycles at unbelievable prices.  These also require several upgrades to make them remotely comfortable to ride, which will cost more than purchasing one another day. Kids’ bicycles are usually items that are regularly stocked, so there shouldn’t be an issue.
Trendy Toys:  Every year the hottest toys are priced so high that any discount looks like a good one.  Because most newer toys are only shelved for one season, stores are left with extra stock.  You are better off to wait, stores need to liquidate these items before Christmas.
Christmas Trees: Many stores will offer discounted Christmas Trees on Black Friday.  These are often very cheaply made.  In recent years, many stores, such as Target, begin putting all trees on clearance the Monday after Black Friday.
Clothing: Aside from jeans, pajamas, outerwear, and underwear, clothing prices aren’t going to be much different than everyday sales.  The crowds will prevent you from thoroughly assessing purchases, and you may end up having to return many items.  Other than the top doorbuster items, such as the $25 Victoria’s Secret hoodies, very few things will be on sale.

Over the years, there are certain items that we just know are more inexpensive to buy on Black Friday.  Other things we’ve learned to avoid firsthand.  Do you have any items to add to either list?

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