HP Envy 5660 e-All-in-One Printer for easier printing

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It’s always lovely when printing is made easier! It’s time to introduce HP Envy 5660 e-All-in-One Printer, made for easier printing from your smartphone, tablet, and of course your desktop! WiFi is a beautiful thing, but my favorite part? It’s got nothing to do with the cool feature of being able to print to the HP Envy 5660 from ANYWHERE. It’s the tray. The tray!

HP Envy 5660 3-All-in-One Printer for easier printing

Does the HP Envy make it easier to print? Yes, it does. It’s super easy to set up when it comes out of the box, no cables are needed, just a WiFi connection. When I’m outside with the kids, and snap a photo, I can print it on the printer without any issues. However, what I love the most is the tray.

Every time I go to print something, doesn’t matter what it is I want to print: a card, an email, a photo, or a multi-page document. I forget to pull the paper tray out. Not the one you load with paper, it’s the tray that catches the paper as it comes out of the printer. I come back to the printer, and there’s papers all over the floor and I have to put them back in order, or hope like heck the gorgeous photo didn’t get smudged.

Now with the HP Envy 5660, the tray comes out automatically. When I printed for the first time, my eyes lit up when I saw the tray pop out before the project came out! Once I saw the tray, I was won over. Yes, the quality of the printing is amazing for this price point on a printer, but the tray…. oh that tray. I smile when I think about it. It saves me so much time, because now I don’t come back to it and see all my papers scattered around the office. Instead, they are neatly waiting for me to collect them off the printer.

Can it get any better? I’m sure it can!

HP Envy Instant Ink

A printer that knows when you need ink, and just puts the order through for you. Can I get a WOOHOO? I thought so. All you have to do is enroll in the HP Instant Ink plan after you buy your printer. Pick the perfect plan for you out of the three they offer, sign up, and you’re saving on ink all through the year. Plus, the printer makes sure you never run out of ink, because it just orders it for you.

I know, it’s exciting stuff I’m sharing with you. You have to see it for yourselves at HP.com.


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