Top 2 HP Stream holiday gift ideas

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Every time the kids and I attend a KidzVuz event in New York City, I always end up having to tell the kids “No, you can’t have the brand new [insert electronic gadget here] right now. This isn’t a store, it’s an event.” Well, the #KidzVuzHoliday event at Chelsea Piers this year was no different. Our electronic gadgets of choice? HP Stream 13 laptop and the HP Stream 7 Tablet. Shoot me now. The kids want both, and honestly, I kind of really loved the laptop. You got it, HP Stream holiday gift ideas for 2014 are definitely going to include both of these items, plus the tablet also has an 8″ option, as well as the 7″. Of course, options are always important with laptops, too. HP Stream also has an 11″ laptop, but there’s an important difference between the 11 and 13. Let’s learn more, shall we?

Top 2 HP Stream holiday gift ideas

Yes, I mentioned four HP Stream items, however in my mind, there are two that stand out. One falls a little bit short. It’s by no fault of its own, mind you. It can’t help that it doesn’t have what most families will want. Sad, but true. I’ll explain all about it, no worries!

Could be good options for me when traveling….light weight laptop from @hp #kidzvuzholiday #sharehappy #hp

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HP Stream 13

All I can say is “WOW, this thing is super lightweight.” I’m also a big fan of the Horizon Blue, not big on the Orchid Magenta. To each her own I say! I have to be honest, I’ve been searching for something super lightweight to take with me on business trips. I’ve been doing a lot more of them now, and it’s difficult to work on just the iPad. Sorry to say it, but I don’t have an iPad with 4G capabilities. It’s just WiFi. It’s also HEAVIER than the laptop from HP. What truly sets this apart from the HP Stream 11 that didn’t make my top 3 HP Stream list? You can get the 13 with 4G. The version of HP Stream 13 without the 4G is $229.99. If you pay $299.99, you can get 200MB of FREE 4G data each month for the LIFE OF THE DEVICE. No annual contract required with TMobile. The 4G option will be available MID-DECEMBER!!!! Wait until right before the holidays to try to shop for that, if you want the 4G option on the HP Stream 13.

Is it a little concerning to deal with a cloud-based system? Sure. Unfortunately, at some point, everything will be on some kind of cloud. The laptop comes with Office 365, which can be used online, or offline. A year of cloud integration comes with the purchase of the laptop, and when using the laptop with 4G capabilities, it’ll be handy when on-the-go. Again, to each her own!

HP Stream 7 Tablet

Tablets are basically all the same, right? I’ve got an iPad, the kids have Kindles and the husband has another kind. All of them are basically the same, except my tablet is the heaviest of them all. Lightweight is so much better when out-and-about for business. It’s why I rather enjoyed checking out the HP Stream 7 Tablet. It has the cloud on it, with Office 365. It’s cute, sleek, light, and fast. What it doesn’t have? 4G capabilities. Kind of a downer. All that it uses is WiFi. No other options are available that include 4G. However, while staying at a hotel, and they offer free WiFi to guests, this is a super cute tablet to have on a business trip. Once the HP Stream 8 Tablet hits store shelves, I’d probably be inclined to get the 8″ one. However, they’re basically identical. Both do not have 4G options, so it’s a kind of bummer. Let’s hope the next version has the 4G, for those who want it. It’s nice to have options, right ladies, and gents?

With so many options out there for laptops, and tablets, HP does make a very good “argument” for buying one of there Stream products. Lightweight, includes a year of cloud integration and the Office 365…. and that 4G on the HP Stream 13. It’s tempting. Off to write my letter to Santa, and that laptop is definitely on the list!

What about you all out there? Afraid of the cloud? Embracing the cloud? Never heard of the cloud?



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