I’m an office supply fanatic

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It doesn’t matter what kind of office supplies. It doesn’t matter what store I’m in. It doesn’t matter if I have a million of the same thing in my home office. I want it all. Every last office supply in a store MUST make its way into my hands. If I could buy an office supply store just to be able to be around it all the time, I would. I’m an office supply fanatic. No, I’m an office supply junkie. What’s my biggest addiction? Pens.

I'm an office supply fanatic #pilot #shopletreviews #sponsored

Photos were taken with the Nikon D3300, using the AF-S DX Nikkor 18-300mm f/3.5 – 6.3G ED VR lens.

Office supply junkie

It’s been well-established I’m a huge office supply fan. Honestly, I’m pretty much a hard-core office supply junkie. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when you love something so much, right?!!! I can get lost for hours in office supply stores, and down the supply aisles in larger retail stores. While other girls are shopping for the latest trends in clothing, I’m happy getting lost online on Shoplet.com. It could be worse, right? I could be buying diamonds! Which I’m not opposed to, but the budget doesn’t allow for my jewelry addiction right now. So we stick with office supplies.

My “supply” of choice? Pens. I’ve got more pens in my home than most stores have on their shelves. Ball point pens, gel pens, multi-colored ink pens, medium point pens, fine point pens, and even highlighters. Blue ink is my preference, and honestly, if I get a pen from a hotel, or a business meeting and it writes in black ink, I’ll leave it at the venue. I do have standards, my friends! I’m cool with different colored pens: green, red, purple, and even orange. Pink ones go to the Little Miss, and sometimes The Boy will get the black ink ones that come with a package I’ve purchased.

With such a huge pen addiction, in order to make myself feel a little better, the new Pilot Bottle 2 Pen make me feel better about all this plastic swimming around my home office. What’s the Pilot Bottle 2 Pen? Gel roller pens made out of plastic bottles. Awesome, right? Plastic bottles are recycled, and made into pens. Refillable, G2 ink pens in multiple colors! Yes, B2P colors multi package of pens comes with gorgeous colors like blue, purple, green, pink, and a sort of lighter green/yellow color. If you’re more of a ball point pen lover, they have the B2P ball pen version. How can you not love this kind of awesome? You aren’t right in the head if you aren’t excited about this whole recycled bottle concept. Pilot is just “on it.”

Frixion supplies

Now, what really makes me swoon. Pens and highlighters that erase. ERASE!!!! Blue ink. Soft grip. Beautiful blue color body. Writes super smooth. Erasable. SAY WHAT NOW? Yes. I’m panting over here. Can you see my tail wagging? Oh wait, I don’t have a tail….. but you get the idea. As if that’s not exciting enough, there’s a highlighter that erases, too. YES. A highlighter that erases with friction.

officce supply #officesupplies #shopletreviews #frixion

Photos were taken with the Nikon D3300, using the AF-S DX Nikkor 18-300mm f/3.5 – 6.3G ED VR lens.

Frixion clicker has a plastic top, where a click button would be. Yes, the pen is a clicker pen, but you click it with the pocket clip. The tip you use to erase the gel ink. When you use the Frixion highlighter, there’s a plastic tip on the end to use to remove the highlight with friction! It’s genius. How many times did you highlight something while studying, realize that wasn’t actually the important thing to highlight, and wish you could take the highlight back? Now, you can!

Where were these tools when I was younger, and in school? I’m so jealous. Kids today!


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