Jade & Jasper Fashion Jewelry makes my heart happy

Disclosure: I received four pieces of jewelry in order to write this review. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions are mine. 100 percent. It’s the only way I do things here.

 My name is Staci and I am the first to admit I have an addiction to jewelry. I love fashion jewelry, expensive diamonds and platinum jewelry, and even the stuff in between. Sparkly things make me lose my train of thought. It doesn’t matter what I’m talking about, if I see a piece of jewelry I love, I stop what I’m doing and migrate to it. It’s no wonder that Jade & Jasper fashion jewelry makes my heart happy. Makes. My. Heart. HAPPY.

Seriously, look at it!

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Currently, I’m very into bracelets. I dress everything up with a bracelet these days. Well, maybe a couple of bracelets. I’ve always got my rings, and earrings on, and there are times I throw on a necklace. The main staple these days, though, is “the bracelet.” If I’m wearing jeans, I’ve got bling on my wrist. If I’m all dressed up for an event, there’s a little more bling on my wrist. I walk with my hands (hey, I’m Sicilian, it’s what we do.) The bracelets get noticed, because my hands are always going. It’s hard to miss the bling hitting the lights, and sparkling away.

Hey, “shine bright like a diamond” even if you don’t have the cash for real diamonds anymore!

#fashionjewelry #jade&jasper #sponsoredOnce you see the jewelry in person, it’s hard to believe it’s not going to cost you a fortune for each piece. Honestly, I thought all of it would be out of my budget-friendly price range. All my favorite bracelets were under $40, with the exception of one that was less than $90. Each of the bracelets I love are totally worth the price tags they have. The attention to detail is there on each piece, the jewelry is lightweight and it’s made from amazing materials!

Quality resources used to make the jewelry

  • The rhinestones used in the jewelry? Czech rhinestones, which are made from Grade A glass, so it is beyond sparkly!!!
  • The resin used in all their jewelry is made with solid lacquer coating, and enamel finishes. What’s that mean for those of us buying the jewelry? It means it’ll stand up to a lot, and has the durability most moms need!
  • Clasp closures are lobster clasps. They’ll hold up to a lot of wear and tear, because they’re made out of a durable brass metal material.
  • Made from lead and nickel free metals, so the pieces are hypo-allergenic. Every piece is coated with an anti-tarnish, so the life of the jewelry will last longer.

I don’t buy a lot of clothing, or shoes, or make-up, or perfume. What I do buy a lot of is jewelry. However, when I buy I look for quality and a decent price. I found both with Jade & Jasper. They’re a fairly new company, just out in 2001. It’s a Direct Sales company, however, you do not have to join in order to buy! You can go right to their website and make purchases: no sign ups, no hosting a party. If you want to do all that, no one will stop you, but you don’t have to do it. I certainly didn’t!

Jade & Jasper has quality jewelry, with a 30-day return policy

There are some flaws to Jade & Jasper. The return policy concerns me. Many jewelry companies, who are direct sales companies, have a lifetime guarantee for their jewelry. You can return it anytime if it breaks, or is worn out. Jade & Jasper don’t have a good return and exchange policy. You can only return items to Jade & Jasper for a full refund within 30 days of receiving it, and you have to return it with all of the original packaging and the original receipt to avoid a 15% re-stocking fee.

Is it the worst thing in the world? No. Do I hope they start to change this policy? Yes. Will it change? I don’t know, all I can do is give them feedback and hope they start to adjust things for their customers.

Personally, I attribute this policy to the fact that their products are so well-made, and are such great prices, that it won’t be a huge concern to most women buying gorgeous pieces from the company!


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