Just give me sunflowers please

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My anniversary is coming. Yes, that’s right. Mrs. November Sunflower and the mister are celebrating SIX YEARS of marital bliss. Woo to the hoo. That’s not sarcastic at all, right? Anyone who knows me, knows I lace almost everything with sarcasm……and wedded bliss is just dripping with it. DRIPPING. WITH. IT.

Before you get up in arms about me trashing all happy couples by lacing the “marital bliss” with sarcasm, let’s not forget how difficult being married truly is. It’s not something people enter into lightly, nor is it easy every day. There’s days I just shake my head in total disgust as the garbage isn’t taken out, the dishes are just piled up on the side of the kitchen sink, the bathroom I just cleaned has beard whiskers all over it, and the floors I just vacuumed are covered in crumbs……..

It’s annoying. It’s frustrating. It’s beyond infuriating.

So when an anniversary arrives, and my husband comes home with some kind of show stopping gift to show his adoration for me, he better bring me some kind of food, or the promise of a great meal out at a restaurant. He should also have sent not just any flowers to our home. If he knows what’s good for him, they better be the only flowers I love. You better believe it. Sunflowers in July.

I live in New York. There’s plenty of New York flower delivery companies in the area! All men should have them bookmarked on their browsers at work, and at home! teleflora findaflorist gives the hubby the chance to put our zip code in, find a selection of florists to choose a gorgeous FRESH sunflower arrangement, and do very little work. It’s the perfect option for all men…..they look like a rock star, and get to be lazy. It’s a win-win, right?!

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