Just a few holiday gift ideas from Best Buy

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Let’s face the facts: men are difficult to buy for. It doesn’t matter what age these “men” are, it’s always difficult to buy gifts for them no matter what occasion it is! There’s only so many ties one dad can own; there’s only so many comic books a kid can own; and there’s only so many movies, and CDs a teenager can own. The ideas definitely dry up after a while, but the gifting occasions keep on coming. So what’s the answer? Honestly, I have no definite answer, but I do have some amazing ideas for the multitude of men in your life!

Just a few holiday gift ideas from Best Buy

The big reasons why men are so hard to buy for? They never leave hints during the proverbial #hintingseason during the days leading up to all gifting occasions. Right?!!! When you ask them directly, the answer is “I don’t really want anything, it’s okay. Don’t worry about a gift for me.” INFURIATING, right? Another reason? They always buy themselves what they want, leaving us ladies with nothing to buy them. It happens when they start having their own money, so little boys that are still relying on mom for gifts, they aren’t doing this. However, lots of them don’t hint about anything they might want either, after they turn into a teenager. Moms are left with limited options, wives are running around stressing, and daughters….forget it, we are just always lost.

It shouldn’t be this stressful. It doesn’t have to be anymore, because there’s Best Buy. Best Buy has some of the best ideas for the holiday gift season! I’ve picked a few that would work for a few different “men” in a woman’s life! Check them out, I think you’ll love them. Or not. It doesn’t matter, just know that Best Buy is a real option for holiday gift buying!

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Moms of younger boys, they’re getting into video games, and want to be “gamers.” It’s time to break down and find the right game console. It’s time to head to Best Buy! Ask questions, do your research, and find out what works best for your family when it comes to a game console. Personally, the family of Sunflowers is kind of eying the XBox One at Best Buy. It’s got exclusive titles like Halo, for the older guys in the family. There’s also sports related ones like Madden 15, FIFA 15 and NBA 2K15. As both the husband, and The Boy are both into sports, it’ll work out well for those two. Now, for the whole family, there’s Just Dance 15, and I do believe Disney Infinity! Plus, parents can set up great controls on there to keep the kids from playing ALL.DAY.LONG.

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Ladies with a special man in their lives, whether it’s a boyfriend, husband, or even an older son, it’s time to get them speakers that blow all other speakers away: JBL. There’s a few options that are great, for sure. There’s the JBL Charge 2, the JBL Flip 2, and the ones that make me sit up and take notice, the JBL Reflect Earbud headphones.

The JBL speakers offer Bluetooth compatibility, and have amazing sound. Very true.

But those earbud headphones….yes, the JBL Reflect Earbud headphones are what I’d choose to get a husband, or a teenager I loved. They’re sweat proof, and have ergonomic eartips! The batteries are rechargeable, and have a five hour life. They are BLUETOOTH 4.0 compatible, and allow the user to go up to 40 feet away from the compatible device holding all their awesome music.

gift ideas from Best Buy #bestbuy #tomtom #hintingseason #sponsored

Daughters with fathers who just buy all their own stuff, you’re in luck, too. Dads won’t buy themselves anything GPS. Lots of cars come with them, sure, but many DO NOT. Phones sometimes have navigation on them, but listen, those don’t always work well and those are difficult to see! What’s the answer? Garmin. Simple, right? Well, not super simple. There’s a few options that top the list for Garmin GPS systems at Best Buy. Personally, I’d shoot for TomTom Go 50s. It comes with Lifetime TomTom Traffic, Lifetime Maps, 3D Maps and a 5″ touchscreen with advanced lane guidance.

What’s this LIFETIME stuff mean? It means the unit updates with the latest traffic and maps for the lifetime of the system. There’s also a really cool advantage for this unit: you can purchase a microSD media card that contains additional map data, or regional maps to give the user more navigational ability. SWEET!

What do you guys think? Is this helpful for the shopping adventures you still have to endure before the holidays? If not, no worries, just head to your local Best Buy, or visit the Best Buy website to find even more amazing holiday gift ideas!


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