Kantek tablet stand rotates and folds up

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Kantek tablet stand rotates and folds up #kantek #shoplet #shopletreviews #sponsored

What’s my number one issue with having recipes on my iPad? Not being able to see them well, I don’t know, when I’m actually cooking! Yes, me. Cooking. You can stop laughing now! Most tablet stands I come across don’t fold up, they are bulky, and they don’t swivel around. I’ve got two kids who love to help me in the kitchen, when I’m actually in the kitchen, and it’s not easy to all crowd around the iPad. Shoplet has a fantastic little item made by Kantek that we’ve fallen in love with. It’s a tablet stand that rotates, and even better? It folds up so I can stash it away when we’re not using it. I can even adjust the angle I want the tablet to stand at.

Kantek tablet stand rotates and folds up

Understandably, I don’t cook often. Time is an issue, plus I’m just not that good at it. Sure, I’m getting better, and Little Miss is loving some of those Pinterest recipes I’ve whipped up with her help, but it’s not going to turn me into a chef who cooks every night. I’m just not cut out for that type of fun. It might happen more often now, because the Kantek tablet stand is actually a fantastic find for $19.99. It’s made out of plastic, but it’s got a good weight to it. It would be awesome if it came in a lighter color, so the flour wouldn’t show as much when we cook…..but it’s super easy to wipe down and clean.

When Kantek created it, I’m sure they had more of an office setting in mind for it, but if I can find a great use for something beyond the office, I’m all over it! Who wouldn’t want to have multiple uses for a quality stand? Plus, you can use it with any tablet that’s 7″ to 10″, it doesn’t have to be an iPad. My daughter will be able to use it with her Kindle, my husband with his tablet. The Boy….well, he lost his Kindle somewhere at either my house, or my brother’s house…..so until he finds it, he won’t be using the tablet stand for ANYTHING. Every one of our tablets, you know those of us who still have them and didn’t lose them, can use the stand without even taking the cases off of our tablets.

Little Miss loves to watch movies while she sits at the table, because the holder can handle the tablet in portrait and landscape. Sweet. Totally worth the money, and if you’ve got kids who haven’t lost their tablets……YUP, I’VE BEEN RIDING THE BOY WITH GUILT ABOUT LOSING HIS TABLET….you can get four, or more, at a cheaper price! It drops to $19.39 per stand.

It’s solid, easy to clean, folds up and rotates. Tablets fit into it even with the case on the tablet, and it can hold tablets in portrait, or landscape positions! Plus, you can adjust the angle it sits in the holder. WHAT?!!! Totally winning with this beauty! I would happily hand over $19.99 for the Kantek folding tablet stand. Two thumbs up! Well, four thumbs up, because Little Miss loves it just as much as I do. Nooo, we haven’t been fighting over it. That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it. We share it – yeah, that’s right, we share it!


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