Kwizniac Trivia game for kids

Disclosure: I received the Kwizniac game in order to be able to write this review. All opinions are 100% mine. Well, mine and my kids, of course!
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What’s worse than your kids sitting at a restaurant glued to their electronics? How about going on a car ride and all they do is whine about wanting to play on their Kindle Fires? It’s beyond annoying, and for our family, I don’t allow the kids to take their Kindles out to a restaurant, unless it’s a family celebration where we’ll be stuck at the table for over two hours. For their sake, and my sanity, they are allowed to break out the Kindles for those “unique situations.” When it’s a normal car ride, or a restaurant visit, the kids are expected to be able to have conversations with us, and if not, they find the crayons. NOW? We’ve got another option! The Kwizniac Trivia game for kids. It’s super cute, and some of the stuff stumped me…..

What’s Kwiniac: The Trivia Countdown Game?

The basics of the game (when TWO are playing) is: Players each get a card. One player gives clues, and the other player hearing the clues has to try and guess what the clues are describing. Players only have 10 seconds, and the person who gives the clues must ask the clues in descending order until the other player guesses.

If the player guessing is able to guess the answer on “clue 5” the player gets 5 points, if the player guesses on “clue 2” the player gets 2 points, and so forth. Of course, if the player can’t guess even after all the clues have been given, the player receives ZERO points.

Just keep score, and once the players are done playing (you designate the amount of time for play,) the player with the most points wins. Simple. Fun. And no electronics required.

When is it fun to play Kwizniac?

Our family loves to whip the cards out at restaurants. While we’re waiting for our food to arrive, us parents ask the kids the questions and have them compete against each other. The kid with the most points by the time our food arrives on the table is declared THE WINNER.

During car rides, when I’m heading to the store and I do not want to leave my kids’ Kindles in the car while we’re shopping, I whip the cards out. Little Miss is able to read, so she quizzes her brother and me. I’m kind of sad to say, I don’t always win……

I’m even more sorry to admit the set of cards we have is for kids seven and older. My son is just about 5 years old. I’m NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS years old. Yeah, those shopping trips are always fun, hearing the entire time we’re in the store about how he beat mommy at Kwizniac.

It’s the best $12.99 you’ll spend to keep the kids entertained. I also would have no problem buying this for a birthday gift for one of the many birthday parties my kids attend. It’s super cute for not just the kids receiving it, but for the family of the birthday child. There’s also Kwizniac games for older kids, so the trivia is a bit more difficult, and there are more questions per card! Each of those sets are $19.99, and probably totally worth it!

My kids love it, and give it two thumbs up. I only like it when I win……yeah, I’m a sore loser.


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